2018 SCCA Conference

Several of the IGCS Fellows attended the 2018 Stop Cervical, Breast & Prostate Cancer in Africa Conference in Maseru, Lesotho July 19-25, 2018.

Da Nang Oncology Hospital (DOH) in Vietnam

DOH is participating as a pilot site for the IGCS Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program and has enrolled one fellow, Dr. Quynh Tran. Dr. Tri Dinh (Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL USA) is providing mentorship and training.


Photos from the 2018 site visit when Tri Dinh, Annkathryn Goodman, Joseph Lucci and Linda Van Le visited in May 2018.

Photos from the 2017 site visit when Tri Dinh and Dr. Ellen Baker visited the hospital the summer of 2017.

Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique

The Hospital Central de Maputo in Mozambique has enrolled two fellows, Dr. Dercia Idite Changule and Dr. Siro Daud. Dr. Kathleen Schmeler, Dr. Georgia Fontes Cintra, Dr. Renato Moretti Maques and Dr. Mila Salcedo are the International Mentors.

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