It is important to acknowledge the exemplary work being done in the gynecologic cancer community on a global level.

This year, we are happy to announce two new award categories that will be given at the 2019 IGCS Annual Global Meeting in Rio: Outstanding Achievement in Gynecologic Surgery and the Distinguished Advocacy Awards.

Since the 2016 IGCS meeting in Lisbon, the recognition and awards program has been expanded to include new categories. In 2016 and 2018 we celebrated those who have displayed excellence in innovation and in teaching, those who have conducted humanitarian efforts, and those who have achieved community advancement in areas of the globe that need the most attention.

Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: courage, ability, effort and, above all, excellence. These individuals truly deserve worldwide recognition for their contributions. They motivate us all to imagine what we are capable of, to inspire us to undertake ambitious projects and to strive to continually do better.

It is my honor to announce the 2019 IGCS Award Recipients:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD (Italy)
For his dedication to pelvic cancer surgery, with original contributions in the field of conservative surgery for ovarian neoplasms, this award recognizes excellence, outstanding service and accomplishment spanning a career in gynecologic oncology.



Excellence in Teaching Award

Groesbeck Parham, MD (USA/Zambia)
For his leadership in the CIDRZ Cervical Cancer Prevention Program and extensive collaborative efforts to raise awareness of women’s health issues in sub-Saharan Africa, this award recognizes a deep commitment and dedication to gynecologic oncology, exemplifying the core components of teaching and education.



Outstanding Achievement in Gynecologic Surgery

Manuel Penalver, MD (USA)
For his instrumental role in a medical breakthrough known as the Miami Pouch operation which allows women who have lost their bladder to recurring cancer to enjoy a better quality of life,this award recognizes outstanding surgical achievements and contributions to the field of gynecologic oncology.



Community Advancement in Resource-Limited Settings

Jorge Saad Souen, MD (Brazil)
For his work in Brazil to promote early detection, prevention and optimal treatment of women affected by gynecologic cancers, this award recognizes steadfast dedication to improving care in local communities through leadership and facilitation of advanced medical education and training in resource-limited settings.



Distinguished Advocacy Award

Venus Ginés (USA)
For steadfast advocacy in Latino and other medically underserved communities throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, including training more than 3,000 Promotores (Community Health Workers) in Texas alone.



Miho Katagi (Japan)
For outstanding advocacy in Japan, including co-founding SMILEY—the first ovarian cancer patient support group in Japan—and successfully lobbying to improve the speed with which drugs for ovarian cancer and other diseases are approved for patient use.



Benda Kithaka (Kenya) & Women4Cancer Early Detection & Treatment
For dedicated advocacy in Kenya through Women4Cancer Early Detection & Treatment, which has provided cancer education outreach to over 45,000 Kenyans and free cervical and breast cancer screening—with follow-up facilitation to treatment—for over 7,500 rural women




These outstanding individuals will be recognized at the upcoming Annual Global Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society, September 19-21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Please join me in congratulating them on their achievements!

Roberto Angioli, MD
2018-2020 IGCS President