Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes individual(s) who have performed an outstanding service and accomplishment spanning their career in gynecologic oncology. The goal is to recognize a life of excellence and service to gynecologic oncology. Formerly referred to as the Award for Excellence in Gynecologic Oncology.

2022 Recipient

Jonathan S. Berek, MD, MMSc
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2021 Recipients:
Beth Karlan, MD | USA
Michael Quinn, AM, MGO | Australia

2020 Recipients:
Monica Bacon, RN | Canada
Nicoletta Colombo, MD, PhD | Italy

2019 Recipient: Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD | Italy

2018 Recipient: Henry Kitchener, MD | UK

2016 Recipient: Ali Ayhan, MD | Turkey

2014 Recipients:
David M. Gershenson, MD | USA
William J. Hoskins, MD | USA

2012 Recipients:
Amodio Denny De Petrillo, MD | Canada
Michael Friedlander, MD | Australia

2010 Recipients:
Robert F. Ozols, MD | USA
Robert C. Young, MD | USA

2008 Recipients:
Neville Hacker, MD | Australia
Peter Heintz, MD |  The Netherlands
Gillian Thomas, MD  | Canada

2006 Recipient: Robert C. Bast, Jr., MD | USA

2004 Recipients:
William T. Creasman, MD | USA
Philip J. DiSaia, MD | USA

2002 Recipient: Daniel Dargent, MD | France

2000 Recipient: John L Lewis, Jr., MD | USA

1999 Recipient: IGCS Education Committee

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