Nov 9

Women Leaders in Global Health

The annual Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH) Conference provides a forum for established and emerging leaders from across the global health community to meet and work together to advance gender equity in health leadership, and to improve health for all. The vision for the conference is for women around the world to find their voices, receive leadership training, and gain a sense of community and inspiration

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Conference Overview

Conference participants from around the world represent diverse sectors in global health, including academia, government, non-governmental organizations, philanthropy, and the private sector. This cross-cutting representation facilitates networking across geographies, disciplines and sectors with a common aim of diversifying leadership to drive innovation and improve health for all.

The participants attend plenary sessions, panel discussions, interactive leadership and skill building workshops, and opportunities for networking and mentoring. Participants encounter cutting-edge thinking in global health; network with potential mentors, collaborators and others in the field; build leadership skills; and wrestle with how to advance women as a force in global health leadership.

There has been a tremendous response to these conferences as women and men leaders seek to deepen the pool of talented leaders available to address global health. WLGH is a catalyst for what has become an international movement to ensure that the decision-makers in global health look more like the population whose lives and well-being depend on their decisions.

The way forward

The WLGH conference series will continue to rotate across the globe to address the untapped need for something on a grander scale than was possible at a two-day event. Going forward, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this initiative has a unique opportunity to transform leadership in global health.

University of Global Health Equity
Kigali, Rwanda

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University of Global Health Equity

Name: University of Global Health Equity