Starting in 2019, the IGCS meeting will occur annually and be referred to as:

The Global Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society

Over the past thirty years, the IGCS has grown from a small, ambitious society with less than four hundred attendees at the first meeting in Amsterdam, to a strong global community drawing more members and attendees each decade. With our history of success and potential for growth in mind, the IGCS Council has decided to increase the frequency of our society’s meeting from once every two years to an annual conference occurring each year.

Moving to an annual event will allow us to bring our meeting to more geographic locations with greater frequency, providing you with additional opportunities to share your research, collaborate with colleagues and receive education from leaders around the globe.

We hope to see you in Kyoto, Japan next year, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2019 and at future IGCS meetings to come! Abstract submission for the 2018 meeting in Kyoto will be open through May 9, 2018.