Dear IGCS Members,

The International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) Council is responsible for the operational, strategic, and financial performance of the Society, ensuring that the actions taken achieve the mission and vision of our organization. Recently, the Council held a regularly scheduled meeting in Washington, DC and we would like to communicate the following summary of that meeting.

The organizational strategic plan was reviewed by members of Council and it was agreed that activities of the Society would be aligned to all aspects of the strategic plan moving forward. The strategic plan is a simple but direct plan focusing on membership needs and growth, financial strength and organizational structure and capacity.

We are beginning to build collaborative partnerships and relationships with many organizations throughout the world. The Council believes these relationships will proliferate and continue to raise the profile of our specialty and IGCS. As we build these partnerships, the Council will appoint members of the Society to serve as liaisons between us and our partner organizations, representing IGCS interests at meetings pertaining to gynecologic oncology.

Similarly, the Council felt it was important to continue to strengthen ties with the European Society of Gynaecological Society (ESGO). The Council discussed ways both societies could collaborate on projects that are of interest to both memberships. The Council concluded that continuing to seek ways to partner with ESGO would only benefit our members and patients.

Council was presented with some exciting data and statistics on our new website and our recent communications to the membership. We reviewed the top countries accessing the site, the number of pages being viewed and the areas of interest on the site. The Council was encouraged by this new level of member engagement and the amount of communication provided.

Council revisited IGCS member benefits including our education and training offerings and our capacity to reach our members all over the globe through in-person meetings, our new web portal and collaboration with other organizations through joint meetings. Council charged the Executive Committee and staff with continuing to explore more educational opportunities to benefit you, the members.

The relationship with the publisher of  the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer was discussed and we are confident that this relationship will continue to be strong and mutually beneficial to everyone. The Council is also encouraged about the responses gathered in response to the current search for the new Editor-in-Chief.

Council approved twenty new members into the Society and discussed the need for further diversification within the membership, specifically to ensure gender representation on the Council. It was agreed that continued mentorship and leadership opportunities were paramount to the success of gender diversification. The concept of an International Young Doctor Network was discussed and approved, recognizing the future of IGCS is in the strength of our young trainees and practitioners.

Council was also presented with new ideas and concepts about member expansion. It was the consensus of the Council that IGCS look to develop an alliance with organizations whose objectives are consistent and aligned with our own. These membership partnerships will bring together the leaders and members of organizations from all over the globe, allowing for closer dialogue and a forum for sharing information and ideas to find solutions to the many issues that face us in gynecologic oncology. We are excited to share more about this program in the coming weeks.

Finally, Council was presented a detail financial review of the year-end 2016 financials along with a look ahead at 2017. We were grateful for the scientific and financial success of the 2016 Biennial Meeting in Lisbon and we look forward to your continued participation in our future educational offerings.

The Treasurer expressed concern about unpaid member dues. If you have not paid your 2017 dues, we strongly encourage you to do so in the next week as unpaid memberships will result in discontinuation of access to our member area on the website, journal and other benefits by April 15th.

We are confident that a large increase in IGCS activity has been evident over the course of this past year. The Council acts in the best interests of the Society and is more engaged than ever in setting the current and future course of our specialty. On your behalf, we thank them for their ongoing commitment.

We welcome your feedback on ways to continually improve your Society. Should you wish to contact either of us, please email us at and

Michael Quinn, AM, MGO
IGCS President 
Mary Eiken, RN, MS