As we lead up to the 30th Anniversary of the first IGCS Biennial Meeting, we want to hear from you (IGCS Members) regarding the impact IGCS has had on your professional life. This year, 2017, is the 30th Anniversary of the first-ever IGCS Biennial Meeting which was held in Amsterdam October 4-6, 1987. Over the next several months, we plan to celebrate IGCS’s achievements and the societies’ impact on its members over the years. We hope that you will help us do this in one of the following ways:

  1. Send us a written statement regarding your experience with the IGCS with a photograph of yourself. 2-3 sentences are sufficient but if you wish to write more, we’d like to hear it. The photograph does not need to be professional, but it should clearly show your face and have some space in the background around your face (not a “tight” shot).
  2. Record a short video clip of yourself regarding your experience with the IGCS or your opinion regarding the society and it’s impact to the global gynecologic cancer community. The video clip can be recorded on any device – send us the file and we will post it. You can use your phone, computer, or other video camera. If using a phone or tablet, please turn it on it’s side for a wide shot instead of a tall shot. Test the lighting and see what looks best in your recording. Usually natural lighting near a window or outside looks nice on video.

These statements and videos will be shared on the IGCS website and on social media here: and here: 

Some helpful tips when preparing your statement are listed below and in the video below, IGCS Communications Manager, Debbie Leopold provides some helpful tips as well.

In your video or written quote, some suggested topics include:

1. Explain the impact IGCS and its programs or meetings have had on your professional life.
2. Explain why you became a member of the IGCS and/or why you will continue to be a member.
3. Tell us your opinion on the work IGCS has done or is currently doing.

If you are recording yourself, it may help you to write down what you plan to say before recording. Please begin the recording by stating your name, institution, city and country.

Please send your quotes, photograph and/or videos to