2018 Council Nominations Process


The Nominating Committee of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) is currently seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the 2018-2020 Council.

If you are interested in serving on the Council, please complete an application and submit it to mary.eiken@igcs.org with your photograph and CV by Thursday, February 22, 2018.

Download the Application.

Question & Answer

To help members better understand the process, IGCS has compiled answers to possible queries:

What positions must be filled this year and what are the terms?
What criteria will the Nominating Committee use to select candidates for the election?
What do Council Members do?
How much time does Council Service Require?
Do I need references or a letter of support to be considered?
What is the nominating and election process this year?
How do I nominate a candidate?
How do I apply and when are applications due?
Who can answer other questions that I have?