IGCS Member Since 2011

I was interested in oncology from the early days of my undergraduate medical training and surgery was also my passion.  Gynecologic oncology is a wonderful combination of both of these so it was a perfect choice for me. I am currently working in a teaching hospital in Kerala, India. In this region, we specialize in uterine and ovarian cancer as it is more common here rather than cervical cancer which is prevalent in other parts of India.  My special interest is minimally invasive surgery for cancer treatment.  Offering quality surgery with the least invasion is my goal.  I also spend my time on several special projects. At the moment, I am involved in projects pertaining to sentinel node mapping for endometrial cancers.  I am also involved creating cancer awareness and encouraging HPV vaccination in my community as we do not have an organised cancer screening program in our country.       

I received the IGCS Travelling Scholar award in 2012 to visit the Gynecologic Oncology division at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, headed by Dr Walter H. Gotlieb. There I learned firsthand about the applications of robotic surgery in gynecologic oncology. This training was very useful when I started the robotic program at my institution in 2015. Now I have done more than 335 robotic procedures for gynecologic cancer. Thanks to my training, I could complete all of them roboticaly without conversion to open. I thank IGCS for giving me a chance to learn robotics.