IGCS Member since it's founding in 1985

Early in my career, I looked after a young woman with a malignant GCT misdiagnosed initially as a benign dermoid. She died within 3 months of recurrence aged 19 and this event had a profound effect on me and the trajectory of my career.

I have just retired from active patient care after 35 years as a gyn oncologist. I have been passionate about multidisciplinary care since being trained by Dr. Robert Fraser in Halifax, Canada. I believe the care of women with cancer involves three pillars...the best team, the best accommodation and the best research. I have been active in fundraising for many years and have personally raised over $1 million running marathons, climbing mountains and doing long distance bike riding. I have been lucky enough to chair many international committees which deal in research and patient outcomes. As the current President of IGCS, I am looking forward immensely to growing our education portfolio internationally and facilitating the training and certification of young doctors from LMICs.