IGCS Member since 2012

I decided to pursue a career in gynecologic oncology to be allowed to combine high surgical skills with intimate knowledge of anatomy and tumor progression to  cure as many women as possible with the least possible damage.  I am also enthusiastic about well indicated drug, irradiation and psychological therapy. My main goal at present, however, is to help others in education of oncological surgery and to do research on possible future surgical strategies.

In daily work, I am responsible for the field of gynecologic oncology at the West German Cancer Center and the Rich Interdisciplinary Network. With respect to surgical oncology, we not only founded a "School of Robotic Surgery" but also the "Center for Ontogenetically Based Surgical Oncology." In the past 6 years I have been very active in promoting education in ESGO, building up "e-academy" as Head of the Educational Board and Vice President. I am extremely happy to have been elected as a member of the IGCS Council from 206-2020 to engage in global education in IGCS for the coming years, which is positioned extremely well with the Education Committee lead by Kathleen Schmeler.