Join IGCS-IGCAN virtually on September 25 at 2:00 pm UTC
for the 2023 IGCS Gynecologic Cancer Survivor-Caregiver Summit!

Join us September 25th for the 2023 IGCS-IGCAN Gynecologic Cancer Survivor-Caregiver Advocacy Summit. Our annual patient-focused event gathers the community to learn about and discuss topics of importance to gynecologic cancer survivor-patients, their caregivers and family members, and all those dedicated to patient advocacy and activism.

This year, we’ll host the event in a virtual format. During the educational portion of the session, experts will share the latest updates and findings from clinical trials studying gynecologic oncology and explain how these research studies are helping to improve cancer diagnoses, treatment, care, and outcomes.

We’ll also introduce a new communications initiative in which IGCAN members will be encouraged to share and reflect on their personal stories, utilizing their lived experiences to create a powerful public narrative and call to action.

During and in between panel sessions, participants will be given the opportunity to connect with others, ask questions, and share their experiences. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that will inspire and advance patient advocacy efforts worldwide.

Understanding Gynecologic Cancer Research

The Summit will begin with two expert clinician-researchers sharing and analyzing the latest updates in gynecologic oncology. Dr. Robert Coleman will explain what you need to know about recent findings from select clinical trials and Dr. Gottfried Konency will help us understand biomarkers and how the molecular underpinnings of gynecologic cancers translate into novel treatment approaches. These educational presentations will explain how research is helping to improve cancer diagnoses, treatment, care, and outcomes.

Robert Coleman, MD
Vaniam Group

Gottfried Konecny, MD

Interactive presentation: processing emotion through creative arts

During this year’s Advocacy Summit, expressive arts therapist, Genevieve Saenz, MA, LMFT will discuss how creative arts can help with healing, share ideas about how to express yourself creatively, and silence your inner critic.

Genevieve Saenz, MA, LMFT

Genevieve Saenz, MA, LMFT is based in Austin, TX as an expressive arts therapist and celebrant. Her practice, Passageway Arts, was started in 2012 and focuses on life transitions, relationship repair, bereavement, and creative expression. She is a member of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association and the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. 

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