IGCS Mentorship programs aim to bring together members from high and lower resource settings to share knowledge and build long-lasting relationships. The IGCS Mentorship & Training Steering Committee makes strategic decisions concerning current and future direction of mentorship and training programs and will annually review the current mentorship program opportunities available.

Our mentorship initiatives include in-person training, virtual mentorship utilizing videoconferencing technology in a tumor board type setting, hosting a mentee for a short period of time, and representing IGCS as visiting faculty.  Details regarding these programs can be found using the links below:

IGCS Mentorship Programs

If you are interested in becoming more engaged with the IGCS in a mentorship or training capacity, email susan.ralph@igcs.org.

The success of our programs requires dedicated and committed volunteer leaders we hope you will consider being a part of our team!

For more information about IGCS Mentorship Programs please contact Mary Eiken at mary.eiken@igcs.org.

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