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Our mission is to create and sustain a broad Network of organizations and individuals that work collaboratively—in sisterhood—“to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancers worldwide,” with the core value that every woman under every circumstance deserves and must receive the best possible quality of care and quality of live, resulting in best outcomes.

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Uterine Cancer Awareness

The International Gynecologic Cancer Society and its patient advocacy arm, the International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network (IGCAN) with support from patient advocacy organizations around the world have decided that it’s time for a global effort to raise awareness of uterine cancer.


Patient Perspectives Roundtable

Join IGCS Advocacy Committee Members for a Global Patient Perspectives Roundtable May 25. What we’ve learned from the IGCS-IGCAN Gynecologic Cancer Survivorship Care Survey will be discussed with special guests, Manisha Koirala and Eva-Maria Stromsholm.


World Ovarian Cancer Day

As we prepare for World Ovarian Cancer Day, learn more about the IGCS’ joint initiative with the WOCC on the Every Woman Study Low- and Middle-income Edition, our upcoming Patient Roundtable dedicated to genetic testing, and learn how you can contribute to ovarian cancer awareness.


Survivorship Survey

If you are a gynecologic cancer survivor, or a family member/caregiver, we’d love to gain your feedback on your experiences and needs regarding survivorship care — meaning the care and support services needed throughout and beyond curative treatment.


President's Message: World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day – a day when the world unites to raise awareness of key issues and build or strengthen coalitions for global cancer control. Read IGCS President, Dr. Keiichi Fujiwara’s Presidential Message.


Stop Cervical Cancer

IGCS Members have the extinction of cervical cancer in their sights, aiming to eradicate the disease by training a multitude of specialists armed with the knowledge to prevent, treat, and spread this live-saving information worldwide. Through the IGCS’ mentorship and training programs, we’ve been able to formalize a training curriculum to do just that.


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This “advocate member” account is meant for survivors, caregivers, and others who identify as patient advocates but do not fit into the other account categories on the IGCS membership page. Create an account with this category if you only want to join the International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network (IGCAN) and receive email messages from IGCAN. Patient education is always free, but advocate accounts do not have access to clinical, members-only education and resources.

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