IGCS Certificate programs are self-guided and available to all IGCS Members. The learner can set their own pace to complete the course work, required readings, and post-tests in easy-to-follow modules.

Nursing Certificate Program

Introducing the IGCS Education360 Nursing Certificate Program — your path to excellence in gynecologic cancer care! This curriculum equips nurses everywhere with the necessary knowledge to provide evidence-based nursing care to women with gynecologic cancers and empowers them to advocate for best possible health outcomes.

Designed for professionals at every stage of their career, this curriculum is ideal for nurses currently practicing or aspiring to specialize in gynecologic oncology.  The learning modules are relevant for all levels of practicing nurses in low-, middle- and high-income countries, irrespective of practice setting or geographic location.

While the program is primarily designed for nurses, physicians and all health care providers looking to elevate their clinical expertise are welcome to complete the program.  Physicians are encouraged to invite their nursing and interdisciplinary team members to explore this learning opportunity developed by IGCS experts. Free for IGCS Members, our new Nursing Certificate Program demonstrates our deep commitment to serving all members of the interdisciplinary gynecologic cancer care team, recognizing the need for a collaborative approach to advance patient care.

The program consists of 13 educational modules designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of caring for women with gynecologic cancer. These modules include a range of educational resources, including written curriculum, videos, podcasts, and slide presentations, providing learners with diverse options for their educational experience.

This curriculum offers learners the ability to move at their own pace. Upon completion of the modules, a certificate of completion will be issued.

Anne Mellon, RN, Australia
Noriko Fujiwara, RN, PhD, CRN-BC, OCNS, CCRP, Japan
Chrissy Donovan, RN, USA

Rozlyn Ali, RN, New Zealand
Sarah Belton, RN, Ireland
Dona Chakroborty, RN, India
Robert Coleman, MD, USA
Raimundo Correa, MD, Chile

Lois Eva, MD, New Zealand
Keiichi Fujiwara, MD, PhD, Japan
Bronwyn Jennings, RN, Australia
Claudia Main, RN, New Zealand
Kris Maloney, MD, Australia
Anisa Mburu, MD, Kenya
Joe Ng, MD, Singapore
Joseph Noh, MD, South Korea
Michael Pearl, RN, USA
Michael Quinn, MD, Australia
Raquel Ramos, RN, Brazil
Kasia Wydrzynska, RN, USA


Palliative Care

The IGCS Education360 Palliative Care Certificate Program has received a significant update, and we're thrilled to announce a brand-new release.

This program is designed to equip healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and social workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate and effective care for women facing gynecological cancer at all stages of their journey.

It covers a wide range of topics, including the principles and goals of palliative care, pain and symptom management, psychosocial and spiritual aspects of care, ethical dilemmas, advanced care planning, grief and bereavement support, and the role of interdisciplinary teams. Each section provides a comprehensive overview of the subject matter, incorporating real-life case studies, practical tools, and insightful perspectives from experts in the field.

To access the new release and all its benefits, simply log in to your Education360 account. Whether you've already completed the first version or are considering enrolling, now is the perfect time to explore these updated modules presenting a multidisciplinary approach to palliative care, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork for the holistic support of patients and their families. By focusing on evidence-based practices, ethical considerations, and communication strategies, you will enhance your competence and confidence in delivering compassionate care. 

Thank you for choosing IGCS for your learning journey. We're committed to your continuous improvement, and we can't wait for you to explore what's new.

We gratefully acknowledge the work of Drs Michael Pearl, Raimundo Correa and Peter Grant for their leadership in ensuring a high-quality revision of the first series of modules.

Learning Objectives

After completing the training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the scope of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that comprise the core palliative care competencies needed throughout the trajectory of comprehensive cancer care.
  • Incorporate the described treatment recommendations and approaches into clinical practice.

Learners who earned a certificate for Version 1 of the Palliative Care Certificate Program have been given access to review the updated curriculum. Existing certificates remain valid.  

Lee-may Chen, MD
Raimundo Correa, MD
Chrissy Donovan, RN
Linda R. Duska, MD MPH
Keiichi Fujiwara, MD, PhD
Noriko Fujiwara, RN, PhD, CRN-BC, OCNS, CCRP
Annekathryn Goodman, MD, MS, MA, MPH
Peter Grant, MD
Katherine D. Hicks-Courant, MD
Thomas Konney, MD
Carolyn Lefkowits, MD (Version 1)
Kristina Lindemann, MD, PhD
Amita Maheshwari, MD
Anisa Mburu, MD
Tashanna Myers, MD
Michael Pearl, MD
Shahana Pervin DGO, FCPS
Julia Zarina Ridley, MD, M.Ed, CCFP(PC), FRCPC
Michael Quinn, AM MGO
Rose Ihuoma Anorlu MD, MPH
Lynette Denny, MD, PhD
Lynn Hallarman, MD
Lois Ramondetta, MD
Paul Cohen, MD
Medical Editor
Jenifer Levin

Preinvasive Disease

The IGCS Preinvasive Disease Program provides a framework for basic training in preinvasive disease of the female lower genital tract. It is a learning opportunity originating from the needs of the trainees enrolled in the IGCS Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program but it’s also a great educational tool to enhance clinical knowledge and skills in preinvasive cervical disease management for all health care providers in any setting

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide an important educational tool that will help train clinicians so that we can meet the goals and objectives of the WHO Global Strategy to eliminate cervical cancer
  • To build and enhance the knowledge and skills of medical providers all over the world on HPV, HPV vaccination, cervical screening methods and strategies including the diagnosis and treatment of preinvasive cervical disease
  • To equip IGCS members with evidence-based knowledge for preventing, screening, diagnosing, and treating patients with preinvasive cervical diseases regardless of the setting they work in

Target Audience
Physicians including gynecologic oncologists, gynecologists, family medicine doctors, general doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare providers who are already involved or keen to be involved in the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases.

The program will be delivered in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Basic Theory (self-guided education)
  • Phase 2: Advanced Theory (self-guided education)
  • Phase 3: Practical/Competence Assessment (hands-on training)

The first opportunity for hands-on training will be provided at the IGCS Annual Global Meeting in New York on September 28, 2022. Additional training dates and locations will be announced.

All three phases must be completed before the learner will receive a certificate of completion for technical competency in colposcopy and treatment of preinvasive cervical disease. Learners who complete only phases 1 and 2 will receive a certificate of knowledge that does not certify technical competency.

View additional details and requirements about the preinvasive disease curriculum.

Mila Pontremoli Salcedo, MD, PhD
Ida Ismail-Pratt, MBChB, MRCOG

Ellen S. Baker, MD, MPH
James Bentley, MBChB, FRCSC
Julia Brotherton, PhD
Maggie E. Cruickshank, MD
Gustavo Ruvino De Azevedo Focchi, MD, PhD
Suzanne Garland, AO, MBBS, MD, FRCPA, FRANZCOG Ad Eundem, FAChSHM, FASM, FACOG Hons

Jose Jeronimo, MD
Rachel Masch, MD, MPH
Jane R. Montealegre, PhD, MSPH
Joseph Ng, MD, FACOG, FAMS
Katina Robison, MD
Kathleen Schmeler, MD
Erich Madison Sturgis, MD, MPH
Melissa Lopez Varon M.Sc.
Alan G. Waxman, MD, MPH

“These certificate courses demonstrate IGCS’s commitment to global health equity. We hope that our members take advantage of these curriculum to enhance their learning and understanding of topics that may have an immediate impact on the health and wellbeing of women in the communities they serve.
Designed for practitioners in high- middle- and low-resource settings, these online courses are an excellent way to deliver comprehensive education that our members can complete at their own pace, from any location.”
- Dr. Michael Pearl, IGCS Education Committee Member who has been a driving force behind IGCS’s palliative care education.

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