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Uniting the globe in the fight against gynecologic cancers

The IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner Program aims to bring together the leaders and members of gynecologic oncology organizations throughout the world in a unique forum to communicate, share ideas and work together on a global level. Building on the current community of individual IGCS Members, this partnership program welcomes organizations and healthcare providers from regions around the globe to join us in an alliance. As partners, each regional group gains special benefits for their individual group members as well as the opportunity to discuss important issues with the IGCS leadership and industry partners.

By becoming a part of our alliance, regional membership organizations are also joining forces with other alliance groups and IGCS's current individual members across the globe, increasing our ability to share resources and find solutions to the many issues facing gynecologic cancer patients and professionals around the world.

The Strategic Alliance Partnership program is meant to provide mutual benefits to the alliance partner groups, the individual IGCS members and the society as a whole, helping us all to meet challenges facing the global gynecologic cancer community and develop solutions as a team. Together, we can enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide.

Join IGCS in the fight against women’s cancer worldwide.

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