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The IGCS Program for Global Engagement in Gynecologic Oncology

The International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) invites you to become an integral part of conversations about best practices that disseminate the latest knowledge and novel developments in gynecologic cancer research and education to our global community, with the goal to improve clinical outcomes and enhance the quality of life for women affected by these diseases worldwide.

IGCS is an organization dedicated to enhancing the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education and training and public awareness. IGCS membership is comprised of over 3000 clinicians and researchers practicing all over the world dedicated to the prevention, research, and treatment of gynecologic cancers. In addition to our members and alliance partners, IGCS engages over 6500 non-members of the gynecologic oncology community through our communications, Annual Global Meeting, and year-round educational offerings.

IGCS is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for our industry partners to gain exposure to our community through a year-long corporate engagement program. This platform will provide the level of strategic engagement and exposure needed to educate and inform gynecologic oncology professionals on current and future to optimize patient care locally and globally. IGCS will facilitate the strategic partnerships and global reach of thought leaders throughout established and emerging markets.

The IGCS Global Engagement Program demonstrates a strong commitment to our colleagues in industry to collaborate in ways that will facilitate successful advancement of our common missions. The benefits of participating in a program with multiple touchpoints throughout the year will provide outstanding opportunities for impactful discussions with influential thought leaders and experts in gynecologic cancer around the world, which will expand your company’s visibility to a broad and diverse international audience unique to the IGCS membership.

Please download this brochure to view detailed descriptions of activities and ways in which industry can engage with IGCS year-round. Partnering with IGCS is simple, a minimum fee of $75,000 annually will allow you the opportunity to choose what level and type of engagement best fits your needs for the year:

  • Perhaps physician education is a priority in specific regions globally or new emerging markets.

  • You may choose to assemble an advisory board to conduct strategic conversations.

  • Or maybe a clinical symposium that highlights recent clinical data is important to your company.

We understand the different phases of product development as well as messaging that may be region specific geographically, and the need to reach stakeholders via unique, nuanced, strategic platforms. Thus this engagement program embraces flexibility, whereby you can prioritize and curate content based upon your individual corporate needs and decide the timing of engagements.

To initiate the conversation that will lead to high-impact gains, and learn more about IGCS and our commitment to women’s health globally, please contact IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken, MS by email at mary.eiken@igcs.org or by mobile at 1 (630) 631-8125.

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