IGCANetwork - How to Get Involved

International Gynecologic Advocacy Network is the patient advocacy and outreach arm of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society. IGCS’ advocacy initiatives are conducted through the oversight of the IGCS Advocacy Committee.

Read on to find out how you can get involved in the IGCS and IGCANetwork patient advocacy, awareness, and outreach efforts

Individual Patient Advocates

Join the IGCS as an Advocate Member.
If you have not already, create a free Advocate Member account with the IGCS-IGCAN to receive our email updates regarding patient advocacy initiatives, educational offerings, awareness toolkits, and more. You can always adjust your email preferences or unsubscribe. You can use this account to register for our free patient-focused educational webinars and the annual IGCS Patient Advocacy Summit.
Note: Current IGCS Members and non-member clinicians and researchers who have a Guest Member account need not create an Advocate Member account to join the IGCANetwork. If you already have a member or guest account, please email Rosie.stephans@igcs.org to be added to the advocacy network list.

Tell your story and call others to action.
Stories are a powerful way to deliver a message and move others to action. Cancer patient-survivors have first-hand experience to talk about the impact of diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare in a way that clinical staff and others cannot. These stories and perspectives play a crucial role in the health and political system, putting patients at the forefront of care where they belong. View patient and caregiver stories and learn more about how to use your lived experiences to tell your own story and call others to action.

Share your work, knowledge, and/or insights
Consider writing a guest blog (article) for the IGCS website. Do you want to share your thoughts or expertise about a particular topic relevant to gynecologic cancer patients and advocates? Do you have information or advice to share with patients from all over the world?

We welcome guests to write informative and thought-provoking articles (blogs) for the patient advocacy section of the IGCS website, which receives thousands of visitors each month. Authors will be credited, and blogs will be publicized via IGCS and IGCAN social media channels and email. Articles may be subject to review by the IGCS Advocacy Committee. IGCS staff are available to assist with proofing and minor editing upon request, especially for those who require assistance with English. Email Debbie.leopold@igcs.org to express your interest.

Download IGCS-IGCAN awareness toolkits
Help spread awareness of gynecologic cancers and important issues where we need to advocate for change such as barriers and disparities in access to care, clinical trials, HPV vaccination, cancer screening, and more. Dedicated days, weeks, and months bringing awareness to specific diseases and issues have been declared by various organizations and governments and are recognized throughout the year.

Please use our toolkits to get ideas and use the content provided for your own awareness campaign. We even have Canva templates that you can use to translate the content into the language of your choice.

Participate in Uterine Cancer Awareness Month
In 2023, IGCS-IGCANetwork together with our advocacy partners declared the month of June as Uterine Cancer Awareness Month, to be recognized worldwide. Help us amplify the message and spread awareness about uterine and endometrial cancer worldwide!

Join the IGCANetwork WhatsApp Group
IGCS and IGCAN utilize WhatsApp to facilitate conversation and connections among clinicians, researchers, patients, and advocates worldwide. Join the WhatsApp group for the IGCANetwork here.

Attend the Annual Advocacy Summit
The IGCS-IGCAN Gynecologic Cancer Patient and Caregiver Advocacy Summit is usually held in conjunction with the IGCS Annual Global Meeting. The summit is a day of education and networking for patients and patient advocates. The 2024 Advocacy Summit will be held on October 15, 2024, in Dublin Ireland.

Submit a poster presentation for the 2024 Advocacy Summit
New in 2024, advocates and advocacy organizations will be invited to submit a poster presentation concept which may be selected to be on display during the 2024 IGCS Advocacy Summit and throughout the IGCS Annual Global Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Details coming soon!

Make a nomination for the Dicey Scroggins Distinguished Advocate Award
Accepting nominations from March 26-April 25, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Patient Advocacy Organizations

We recommend that at least one representative of the organization joins the IGCS-IGCAN as an Advocate Member (see above) so they will receive email communications regarding our advocacy initiatives.

Join the IGCANetwork
Request to join the IGCANetwork as an official partner. Complete this form to submit information about your organization.

Currently, organizational network partners are recognized on the IGCANetwork landing page. Soon, a more robust network directory will be developed, which will allow the public to search for gynecologic cancer advocacy and patient support groups worldwide. More information about the forthcoming directory will be shared with our Advocate Members and IGCANetwork Members as it becomes available.

Join the Uterine Cancer Awareness Month Campaign
Become an official partner supporting the annual Uterine Cancer Awareness Month (UCAM) Campaign. Partner logos are displayed on the landing page for UCAM and referenced in our communications about the campaign. UCAM partners demonstrate global solidarity for the cause and the breadth of the uterine cancer advocacy community. When your organization becomes a UCAM partner, you gain visibility in the global space.  

Email Debbie.leopold@igcs.org to inquire about joining the UCAM Advocacy Partners and let her know about your plans for UCAM so we can help amplify your efforts through the campaign.

Spread Awareness of Your Organization’s Work
Organizational representatives of IGCANetwork partner groups may consider writing a guest blog (article) for the IGCS website. This is an excellent opportunity to tell the story of your organization, highlight some of the work you do, and showcase the impact of your efforts. The IGCS website receives thousands of visitors each month from all over the world. Blogs may be subject to review by the IGCS Advocacy Committee. Email Debbie.leopold@igcs.org to express your interest.