Since 1985, the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) has been uniting the globe in the fight against gynecologic cancer by contributing to the prevention, treatment and study of gynecologic cancer, as well as improvement in the quality of life among women suffering from gynecologic cancer throughout the world.

Featured Announcements

IGCS 2022 Annual Global Meeting

The IGCS 2022 Annual Global Meeting is approaching and we look forward to providing our global delegation with the latest clinical advances and international developments in research and treatment for the holistic care of women with gynecological cancer. Abstracts are now available.

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Conversations with Coleman

In this episode of Conversations with Coleman, IGCS President, Dr. Robert Coleman is joined by Mr. Bernie Khoo, IGCS’ Information Technology Consultant and IGCS CEO, Ms. Mary Eiken.

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Surgical Film Festival

The Surgical Film Festival titled Radical Vulvectomy and Complex Plastic Reconstruction will be held Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Attendees can participate in live discussion while viewing the surgical films and hear from the global experts. Join us!

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Discover Education360 Learning Portal

The new IGCS Education360 Learning Portal features the technology of a learning management system, enhancing the educational experience for gynecologic cancer professionals worldwide. Discover the new features that make our education more accessible than ever.

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2022 Awards

These individuals truly deserve worldwide recognition for their contributions to the gynecologic oncology community. They motivate us all to imagine what we are capable of, inspire us to undertake ambitious projects, and strive to continually do better.

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Remembering Dicey

With a heavy heart, we relay the news that Mary "Dicey" Jackson Scroggins passed away on Monday, August 1st. The news of her death comes just a few weeks away from her 26th ovarian cancer survivorship anniversary.

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International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer
International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer
Education Portal

Featured Programs

We are uniting a global network of independent organizations and individuals in the fight against gynecologic cancer. Learn More 

Advocacy, Outreach & EngagementUniting a global network...

Advocacy, Outreach & Engagement

A comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. Learn More 

Global Curriculum & Mentorship ProgramRegional capacity building

Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program

Shingo Fujii Young Doctors Summit Travel Grants and the International Visiting Scholar & Mentorship Program provide funding for members in low resource settings to travel for education and training. Learn More 

Funding Opportunities For education, training and mentorship...

Funding Opportunities

Our online community connects IGCS members across the globe, providing a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and keep in touch. Learn More 

Social Link: An Online Member CommunityConnect and share knowledge

Social Link: An Online Member Community

The Education Committee develops educational resources for our multidisciplinary membership in low, middle and high income areas. Learn More 

Online EducationMembers have access to a growing library...

Online Education

A network to provide early career members with a supportive network of peers and mentors to discuss publishing and writing as critical components to career development. Learn More 

Early Career Research & PublicationsA supportive network of peers and mentors

Early Career Research & Publications


We strive for global representation, reflecting the diverse cultural, economic and geographic impact of gynecologic cancer.

IGCS has experienced tremendous growth in the past three years thanks to our Strategic Alliance Partners with over 3200 members and growing.


We strive to improve care for women around the world affected by gynecologic cancers through education, training, outreach and public awareness.

Join IGCS in the fight against women’s cancer worldwide