Gynecologic Oncology
Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program

The IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program, is a comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. The program matches institutions and individuals from higher resource settings (International Mentors) with partners in lower resource settings wishing to obtain formal gynecologic oncology training (twinning). For more information about the Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program, please contact Mary Eiken at

Program Chairs

Linus Chuang, MD

Thomas Randall, MD

Program Elements:
  • Each training site is paired with an International Mentor or Mentors, who is an IGCS member that has an existing relationship with the site.
  • The Mentors are responsible for tracking the fellow’s progress by reviewing case logs, completing bi-annual In Training Evaluation Forms, and facilitating monthly quizzes and reading assignments.
  • The Mentors will travel to the training site twice per year to provide hands-on surgical training and in-person education.
  • The IGCS Fellows travel to Mentor’s institution for a 1-3 month observership
  • The Fellows present cases to Mentors, colleagues and other IGCS members in a monthly virtual tumor board
  • Fellow has completed the program, an oral structured clinical final examination will be administered on site by a member of the IGCS Global Curriculum Examination Committee. The Fellow will receive an IGCS Certificate of Completion after completing all program requirements and passing the examination.

2018-2019 Training Sites

Training Site:
University of the West Indies, Bahamas

Mentoring Institution:
University of Miami, USA


Training Site:
Paul’s Hospital and Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mentoring Institutions:
University of Minnesota, USA

University of Michigan, USA

Learn more about the Ethiopia program


Training Site:
Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Fiji

Mentoring Institution:
New Zealand


Training Site:
Hospital San Juan de Dios, Guatemala

Mentoring Institution:
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Learn more about the Guatemala program


Training Site:
University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Mentoring Institution:
Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Learn more about the UWI program


Training Site:
Moi University

Mentoring Institutions:
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, USA


Training Site:
Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique

Mentoring Institutions:
Barretos Cancer Hospital, Barretos, Brazil
Oncology Department of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA

Learn more about the Mozambique program.


Training Site:
Civil Service Hospital, Nepal

Mentoring Institution:


Training Site:
Hamad Medical Corporation Women’s Hospital, Qatar

Mentoring Institution:


Training Site: 
Uganda Cancer Institute

Mentoring Institutions:
Duke University Chapel Hill, NC, USA
University of California San Francisco, USA


Training Site:
Da Nang Oncology Hospital, Vietnam

International Mentors:
Tri Dinh, MD
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Joseph Ng, MD
National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

Linda Van Le, MD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Learn more about the Vietnam program.


Training Site:
Women and Newborn Hospital, Zambia

Mentoring Institutions:

Updates and News

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