IGCS’ strategic direction is guided by three overarching ambitions.

Enhance Member and Guest Experience

Advance Equitable Patient-Centered Care

Increase IGCS’ Impact Worldwide


Recognizing the vital role our members play in our society, we are dedicated to enhancing their experience and fostering a member-driven organizational culture. This means facilitating meaningful engagement, creating enriching opportunities, and ensuring that involvement is as rewarding as it is impactful.

Strategic Goals

Cultivate an inclusive and diverse organizational culture.

Deliver valuable member benefits and resources.

Maintain clear channels of communication.

Foster development of early career professionals.

Provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for engagement and volunteerism.

Provide excellent customer service.

Promote transparent governance practices.


With a commitment to patient-centeredness and equity, IGCS aims to develop programs, foster partnerships, and provide education and training to work towards a future where every patient, regardless of their background, receives the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care.

Strategic Goals

Deliver high-quality education for gynecologic cancer care professionals of all levels of expertise.

Facilitate interdisciplinary mentorship and training, investing in sustainable solutions at the local level.

Unite and empower patients, survivors, and advocates worldwide.

Spread public awareness of gynecologic cancers and advocate for key issues.


Our ambition is to fulfill our great potential to expand the reach and influence of the IGCS for the benefit of those affected by gynecologic cancers worldwide. We envision the IGCS making a more profound impact on the international stage, through meaningful collaborations that accelerate progress and galvanize the community to action.

Strategic Goals

Address global issues impacting women with gynecologic cancers.

Galvanize the cancer community to action.

Cultivate meaningful working relationships and partnerships.

Recruit and retain members from all regions and socioeconomic levels.

Set up channels for sustainable financial support.

Empower IGCS Board of Directors to further our mission.