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IGCS is advancing gynecologic cancer care worldwide by providing clinicians and researchers with opportunities to present research and enhance their knowledge and understanding of gynecologic cancer prevention, detection, curative treatment, and supportive care. Offerings are developed and curated for gynecologic oncology professionals of all disciplines, levels of expertise, and from all regions of the world.

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Our online learning portal with year-round professional education for all members of the gynecologic cancer care team, developed by members of the IGCS Education Committee.

Annual Global Meeting

Our annual conference where multidisciplinary gynecologic oncology professionals from all regions of the world reveal their latest clinical research and gather for comprehensive educational sessions planned by the Scientific Program Committee.

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer

The source of professional education for gynecologic cancer care specialists.

IGCS Certificate Programs

Self-guided online programs for IGCS members to enhance their understanding of important aspects of cancer care. Curriculums are currently available for the management of preinvasive cervical disease and the principles of palliative care.


High-quality videos of surgical techniques for gynecologic surgeons of all levels of expertise and educational webinar lectures by pioneers in the field, brought to IGCS members through our partnership with AAGL.

Clinical Guidelines and Resources

Guidelines and resources for the prevention, staging, diagnoses, and treatment of gynecologic malignancies, from trusted external sources.

Latest Educational Offerings

Recent and upcoming webinars and events from IGCS.

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Featured Educational Offerings

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