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Committees are developed to carry out the work of the strategic plan and organizational direction as set by the Council. Committee members are appointed by the President with Council approval. The current IGCS Committees are listed below.

Chair: Rosalind Glasspool, MD (UK)
Vice Chair: Abhishek Shankar, MD (India)

Mukhtasar Alkali (Nigeria)
Geetu Bhandoria, MD (India)
Nicoletta Cerana (Italy)
Michele Collins (USA)
Diane Crawford (USA)
Noriko Fujiwara, MS, RN, CRN-BC, OCNS, CCRP (Japan)

Milicent Kagonga (Kenya)
Adrienne Moore (USA)
Nefa-Tari Moore (USA)
Maggie Nicholas-Alexander (USA)
Angélica Nogueira-Rodrigues, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Sandra Rosati (Italy)
Eva-Maria Strömsholm, MS, RN (Finland)

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