Committees are developed to carry out the work of the strategic plan and organizational direction as set by the Council. Committee members are appointed by the President with Council approval. The current IGCS Committees are listed below.

2023 Nominating Committee Roster

Our bylaws specify that the Nominating Committee consists of the Past President (chair), current President, Vice President, President-Elect* and two members of the IGCS Board of Directors (appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board).

Chair/Past President: Dr. Robert Coleman (USA)
President: Dr. Keiichi Fujiwara (Japan)
Vice President: Dr. Anuja Jhingran (USA)
Board Member: Dr. Rhonda Farrell (Australia)
Board Member: Dr. Mario Leitao (USA)
President-Elect: Dr. Greta Dreyer (South Africa)*

*The President-Elect only sits on the committee to observe the process and will not vote or provide commentary regarding candidates or the final slate.

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