Committees are developed to carry out the work of the strategic plan and organizational direction as set by the Council. Committee members are appointed by the President with Council approval. The current IGCS Committees are listed below.

Chair: Paul Cohen (Australia)

Vice Chair: Michael Pearl (USA)
Immediate Past Chair: Ritu Salani (USA)

Advances & Updates Work Group

Co-Chair: Floor Backes (USA)
Co-Chair: Wendel Naumann (USA)

Breast Cancer Work Group
Chair: Bahriye Aktas (Germany)

Nursing Work Group

Co-Chair: Christine Donovan (USA)
Co-Chair: Noriko Fujiwara (Japan)
Co-Chair: Anne Mellon (Australia)

Palliative Care Work Group
Chair: Raimundo Correa, MD (Chile)
Vice Chair: Peter Grant, MD (Australia) 

Pathology Work Group

Chair: Adrian Suarez (USA)

Radiation Oncology Work Group

Chair: Hannah Simonds (South Africa)
Vice Chair: Susan Mathews (India)

Surgical Videos Work Group

Chair: Reitan Ribeiro (Brazil)
Vice Chair: Carrie Langstraat (USA)

The Education Committee will organize, implement, and evaluate a wide range of educational content to meet the diverse membership needs of IGCS members in High, Middle and Low Resource settings.

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