2021 Virtual Advocacy Survivor-Caregiver Summit: Connected & Empowered
Promoted and hosted by the IGCS

Hosted October 23, 2021

The speakers at the 2021 Advocacy Summit have graciously allowed IGCS to post their presentation slides. Please view the links below. 

Summit Highlights 

Gynecologic Cancer Literacy (Parts 1 & 2)
We will cover all the basics of gynecologic cancers—including symptoms and risks, early detection, and treatment options—and increase gynecologic cancer literacy through expert presentations on genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, the breast cancer link, and patient rights. Additionally, panelists will cover clinical trials, promising studies, and breaking news.

Survivorship Primer: Quality of Life Matters
We will talk about survivorship—quality of life—with a focus on palliative care (comfort care) as a part of the continuum of care; self-care, nutrition, meditation and other stress relievers; and the importance of documenting one’s health history and journey.

Empowered through Patient Advocacy
Through advocacy, survivors/patients, caregivers, families, and communities worldwide are empowered. We will share examples—as inspiration and how-to examples—of patient advocacy in action. Powerful!

Cancer Site-Specific Breakout Sessions
Moderated cancer site-specific breakout sessions will allow participants to focus on site-specific issues and to network.

All panels will include patient/survivor panelists.

Optional After-Summit Chat/Networking Session
If you have a few minutes to chat and network after the Summit panels, we invite you to share your experience, continue the discussion of panel topics, make new “friends,” and otherwise network.


Ms. Benda N. Kithaka
Health Advocate & Communications Specialist
Executive Director & Founder
KILELE Health Association

Abhishek Shankar, MD, CPFP
Department of Radiation Oncology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
Patna, Bihar 




Deborah Armstrong, MD
Professor of Oncology and Gynecology & Obstetrics
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center


Kwanele Asante
South Africa


Elisabeth Baugh
Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC)

Robert Coleman, MD 
IGCS President

Annie Ellis
Survivor / Research Advocate
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance
and SHARE Cancer Support

Keiichi Fujiwara, MD, PhD
IGCS President Elect

Bridgette Hempstead
Patient Advocate & Consultant

Founder of Cierra Sisters African American Breast Cancer Org.
Co-Founder of ECAA Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African Americans


Ms. Benda N. Kithaka
Health Advocate & Communications Specialist
Executive Director & Founder
KILELE Health Association

Ms. Sally Kwenda
HIV/AIDS Counsellor
Cancer Advocate
Member NCD Alliance-Kenya Global Hero of Hope

Daniela Luvero, MD, PhD
Gynecologic Oncologist 
 Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

Patience Mbozi
Palliative Care Nurse Specialist
Senior Lecturer
Chreso University


Michael Pearl, MD
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Stony Brook Medicine

Nefa-Tari Moore
Outreach and Uterine Program Coordinator

View the recording of the 2020 Summit: