A specialist in biomarkers in endometrial cancer with an interest in the optimization of available resources, Dr. Anna Plotkin understands the crucial need for skilled pathologists as an integral part of gynecologic cancer care teams everywhere.

Dr. Plotkin is a pathologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre who completed her postgraduate training in anatomical pathology at the University of Toronto with a fellowship in gynecological and breast pathology. Her special interests are breast and gynecological oncology, as well as medical education. She is an Associate Professor and the Director of Continuing Professional Development at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto.

As the first Chair of the IGCS Pathology Working Group, Dr. Plotkin worked tirelessly to design, develop, and collect resources for an online library (the IGCS Pathology Corner, now a part of IGCS Education360 Learning Portal) for over 4,000 IGCS Members worldwide to improve their knowledge and understanding of pathology for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment planning of gynecologic cancers.

By sharing her expertise and collaborating with healthcare professionals in regions facing resource constraints, she made a profound impact by equipping others with the knowledge to deliver quality care, building capacity for more comprehensive cancer care. She regularly lends her time to the IGCS Project ECHO® virtual tumor boards, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions, optimize available resources, and ultimately save lives by improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

By honoring Dr. Plotkin with the IGCS Excellence in Teaching Award, we celebrate her exceptional contributions to interdisciplinary education and recognize the vital role of pathologists within the field of gynecologic oncology. Her mentorship extends beyond traditional boundaries, reaching aspiring pathologists in under-resourced countries, where her knowledge and guidance are invaluable.