Cover the IGCS Annual Global Meeting from Dublin

Press registration is available for in-person registration to attend the IGCS 2024 Annual Global Meeting in Dublin. Please submit documentation of the publication you represent and a letter specifying the type of press coverage you can offer and any special requests you may have. The letter will be reviewed by the IGCS Communications Specialist, Debbie Leopold and IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken for a decision on whether to offer complimentary registration.

Press access to on-demand education from the IGCS Annual Global Meeting

IGCS sessions will be available for our virtual audience on-demand after the meeting has concluded. The exact dates that sessions will be available for viewing are to be determined, though it is expected to be within two weeks of the conclusion of the meeting. Press registration to view the sessions on-demand must also be submitted in writing, specifying documentation of the publication represented and the type of media coverage to be offered.

Please submit all press requests to