Recently Graduated Fellows

Dr. Binod Aryal
Civil Service Hospital of Nepal

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

"IGCS Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program is a well-structured and comprehensive two-year fellowship in gynaecologic oncology which is more relevant in countries like Nepal where there is limited or lack of formal training courses. I feel very lucky to be an IGCS fellow mentored by many national and international authorities in cancer care. I believe that Nepalese cancer patients will hugely benefit in the days to come using this excellent IGCS academic platform. I would also like to take this opportunity to request government authorities to endorse and recognize excellent training programs like this not only to partner knowledge and skill transfer but also to help to practice standard of care treatment of the cancer patients."

Dr. Nanise Sikiti
Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Fiji

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

"Thank you to the International Gynecologic Cancer Society for allowing me to undertake this program. It’s an honour to be the first Fijian and Pacific Islander to complete the IGCS fellowship program. This has taught me to see gynaecological cancers from a new perspective. I now have more knowledge and skills in this field thus had changed my approach to gynaecological malignancies.

I also wish to sincerely thank my mentors for their hard work in supporting my journey through this IGCS program. My local mentors Dr. James Fong and Dr. Jimi Taria, my international mentors, Dr. Peter Sykes and Dr. Ai Ling Tan. There have been a few others who have been persistently there to support me. They are Dr. Jim Nicklin, Dr. Pearly Khaw, Dr. Rachael Van Der Griend, Dr. Pei Hui, Dr. Bryony Simcock, Dr. Linda Mileshkin, Dr. Andrea Garrett and Dr. Mike Burling.

I look forward to making a difference in womens' life, not only in my country but the Pacific as a whole. Thank you once again IGCS and as we say in Fijian ‘Vinaka Vakalevu’

Dr. Biruck Gashawbeza Batu
St Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, Ethiopia

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

“The mentorship support IGCS provided to our site, and the international gynecologic oncologists who served as our mentors made my training effective to the standard. The monthly tumor board sessions included difficult case management decisions that were paramount to my growth. The strict requirements in the RED CAP case log entry, specifically the number of uncommon procedures required, were difficult but essential.

Finally, I would like to give my deepest appreciation to the IGCS Mentorship & Training team for the realization of gynecologic oncology training and service in our country. A special thanks to my mentors Dr. Carolyn Johnston and Professor Rahel Ghebre."

Spotlight on a Local Supervisor

Dr. Raleigh Butler, local supervisor at the IGCS Global Curriculum Training Site at the University of West Indies-Nassau, Bahamas was recently recognized by the Office of the Governor General under the National Honours Act to Citizens of The Bahamas. He was honored for his service to the national development of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for his clinical care, research, patient advocacy in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean region. Dr. Butler helped develop national protocols in the area of colposcopy for HPV positive patients to prevent cervical cancer. He spearheaded the collaboration with the University of Miami and University of West Indies (UWI) to adopt the IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program to locally train gynecologic cancer specialists and improve women’s cancer care within the region.

Congratulations, Dr. Butler, your recognition is well deserved!

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