“It takes a village….” That is exactly what the IGCS family has been for me, a cornucopia of knowledge, skills and support from an eclectic group that has completely and utterly been selfless in the dissipation of their services to the study of women’s cancers. It has been an avenue where one’s potential is allowed to grow and flourish without inhibition. I am indebted to my local mentors at Moi University who guided my every step to be the best gynecologic oncologist that I could be and my international mentors who were always available to teach, challenge, discuss cases and even offer insight on life in general and spared no expenses in making sure I had all the tools to think like an oncologist and give the best well-rounded care to all the women who cross my path. Thank you to the IGCS team for making this program a possibility and sustaining it against all odds. I salute you.”