“Thank you to the International Gynaecology and Cancer Society for allowing me to undertake this program. It’s an honour to be the first Fijian and Pacific Islander to complete the IGCS fellowship program.

This has taught me to see gynaecological cancers from a new perspective. I now have more knowledge and skills in this field thus had changed my approach to gynaecological malignancies.

I also wish to sincerely thank my mentors for their hard work in supporting my journey through this IGCS program. My local mentors Dr. James Fong and Dr. Jimi Taria, my international mentors, Dr. Peter Sykes and Dr. Ai Ling Tan.

There have been a few others who have been persistently there to support me. They are Dr. Jim Nicklin, Dr Pearly Khaw, Dr. Rachael Van Der Griend, Dr Pei Hui, Dr. Bryony Simcock, Dr Linda Mileshkin, Dr. Andrea Garrett and Dr. Mike Burling.

I look forward to making a difference in Womens life, not only in my country but the Pacific as a whole.

Thank you once again IGCS and as we say in Fijian ‘Vinaka Vakalevu’”