“I am indebted to the IGCS Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program for the training in the management of women with gynecologic malignancies. This comprehensive two years fellowship training is indispensable in providing care for women with gynecologic cancers especially in resource limited countries. The international ECHO tumor board and the local tumor board discussions are vital in providing a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the management of gynecologic cancers.

I sincerely thank my international mentors, Prof. Al Covens and Prof. Rosen Barry as well as my local Kenyan mentors, Dr. Philip Tonui and Dr. Peter Itsura for their tireless efforts without which my knowledge and skills in performing gynecologic oncology surgery and caring for women with gynecologic malignancies would not have been achieved. Often women with these malignancies have been underserved in many low and middle income countries including my country, Liberia; hence this program is vital to improving care for these women. Lastly, in the word of Prof. Rosen Barry, “managing a woman with gynecologic cancer is often a judgement call.””