About Cancer: Fact Sheets

NCI Fact Sheets
NCI fact sheets address a variety of cancer topics. They are updated and revised based on the latest cancer research. Most fact sheets are written in a question and answer format.

NCI dictionaries contain definitions for thousands of terms relating to cancer, drugs, genetics, and for scientists seeking research funds from NCI.

Gynecologic Cancer Facts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Gynecologic Cancer Index

Hereditary Cancers: Breast/Ovarian Cancer & Genetic Testing

National Cancer Institute BRCA Mutations: Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing Fact Sheet

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
FORCE provides support, education and awareness to help those facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer know their options and make informed decisions.


Tips for Optimum Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation for Women's Cancer: Frequently Asked Questions about Women's Cancer

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