Christina Fotopoulou, MD, PhD

Year: 2023

Dr. Fotopoulou is a distinguished figure in the field of gynecologic oncology, renowned for her exceptional surgical and scientific expertise. Being Greek – German, having lived and worked in Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom she has a deep knowledge of the regional variations in practice, mentality and healthcare recourses across the different countries in Europe and has therefore fought and strived for the standardization and homogenization of surgical oncological care international..

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Pedro T. Ramirez

Year: 2022

Dr. Ramirez is being honored with the IGCS Award for Outstanding Achievement in Gynecologic Oncology Surgery for his exemplary works as investigator, author, professor, and mentor culminating in a career that has unquestionably advanced the surgical standard of care for gynecologic malignancies.Notably, he served as Principal Investigator on the LACC Trial, which changed the standard of care for cervical cancer comparing open to minimally invasive surgery for early cervical cancer. He has publis..

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Pierluigi Benedetti Panici

Year: 2021

Dr. Panici is being honored with the IGCS Award for Outstanding Achievement in Gynecologic Surgery for a lifetime of surgical achievements and contributions to gynecologic oncology, standardizing and innovating techniques currently known and practiced worldwide. His study of lymphatic channels redefined the anatomical landmarks of radical abdominal hysterectomy. His studies on pelvic and paraaortic lymphadenectomy in gynecological tumors radically changed routine clinical practice worldwide, eff..

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Manuel Penalver

Year: 2019

For his instrumental role in a medical breakthrough known as the Miami Pouch operation which allows women who have lost their bladder to recurring cancer to enjoy a better quality of life,this award recognizes outstanding surgical achievements and contributions to the field of gynecologic oncology...

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