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Meet the Candidates

Candidates for President Elect

Dr. Nadeem Abu-Rustum
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
United States

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
It is a great honor to be considered for president of IGCS. My goal will be to maintain and expand the tremendous work of the IGCS leadership. My emphasis will be on the areas of education and outreach to promote the best possible outcomes for those affected by gynecologic malignancies worldwide through collaboration, mentorship, and training.

Over the past 30 years as an academic gynecologic oncologist, I have been dedicated to patient care, education, and research. I have spent my entire career working in academic medical centers focused on providing the best patient care, educating early-career gynecologic oncologists, and promoting high-quality research. For the last 10 years, I have had the privilege to lead one of the largest and most advanced gynecologic oncology teams worldwide. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with physicians and scientists from various international institutions and organizations, with whom I closely cooperate to promote the highest level of patient care, scientific research, and surgical training in our specialty.

I had the honor to participate as IGCS council member (2012-2016), vice president (2016-2018), and program director for our 2019 annual IGCS meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, I received the IGCS Excellence in Teaching Award (2021), the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) Innovation Award (2017), and the 2019 Ernst Wertheim Award from AGO Austria for my contributions in teaching and research. I also had the privilege to participate with SGO and the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO) as a council member.

IGCS has experienced a significant growth in membership and diversity over the past 10 years. Our aim should remain to improve the care of women with gynecologic cancer globally through collaboration with regional and international organizations and increasing public awareness of the importance of early disease detection and prevention. My goals are to increase member engagement, remain multidisciplinary, collaborative, and inclusive of our larger community of health care providers, and promote the dissemination of our educational values worldwide, advocating for global health equity, connecting professionals, and providing mentorship opportunities particularly to underserved communities and nations with limited medical resources.

We will continue to enhance member engagement and align programs and opportunities with the needs of our membership. Using feedback data from our members and keeping in mind the needs of local and regional societies, we will implement changes and will regularly validate that IGCS programs are meeting the needs of our members. In addition, I will work with IGCS leadership to increase our membership and tailor programs to best accommodate the needs of our early-career members and potential members. Together with IGCS leadership, we will continue to be financially responsible for our society, identify resources to promote the IGCS mission, and explore opportunities to strengthen our financial stability for future generations.

IGCS has enormous potential for the future. It would be my honor to work with IGCS leadership to promote our mission and to enhance the care of those affected by gynecologic cancer worldwide through education, collaboration, and public awareness.

Dr. René Pareja
Clínica Astorga Medellín

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
The essence of the IGCS at its core, is the value that it provides gynecologic oncologists and related health care providers with the opportunity to be part of a global community with its primary purpose to provide a network to collaborate and lead to ultimately help eliminate cancer in all regions of the world. The IGCS now encompasses more than eight thousand members, and such a robust membership is born out of the drive and dedication of its leadership to assure that the IGCS represents not only high-income countries but also low- and middle-income regions.

I have had the opportunity to serve IGCS in several roles: As member since 2008, as scientific program member during IGCS meetings in Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Seoul, and also helping to establish the strategic alliance partnership with Latin American countries in 2018. I had the opportunity to be a council member from 2018 to 2022, and to be part of the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer team in different roles: Reviewer, Editorial board member, and now as one of the Associate editors since 2018. During the Rome Meeting, IGCS granted me the 2021 Award for community advancement in resource-limited settings.

My primary goal in pursuing this role is to expand on the membership of the IGCS to assure that we optimize exposure of the great value of our society to those caring for women with gynecologic malignancies in Latin America. I have a long- standing reputation as a leader in our field and have led numerous initiatives in Latin America earning the trust and respect of numerous colleagues who are themselves in leadership positions in their respective countries. I believe that I can be a key component in developing the growth of our society in Latin America by drawing on the partnerships that I have previously created.

I also consider that one of the regions clearly under-represented in our society is Africa. My intention is to not only continue to strive to increase membership from African countries, but also at the same time provide them with educational activities (in person and virtual), in order to improve the quality of care, even in the setting of low resources. Although many efforts have been made, much more can be achieved through collaboration with local institutions. There still remain opportunities to establish more concrete partnerships with the leaders of the hospitals in those respective countries.

We also need to develop strategies to seek financial support from sponsors that are not directly tied to the medical industry so that we can continue to expand on our flagship program, the IGCS Global Curriculum. We must continue to expand on the amount of scientific material and quality of educational tools we provide for the trainees.

I believe that having an IGCS President from a low/middle income country is a strong message as it would substantiate the fact that our society remains open to make unprecedented structural changes, in order to increase its role in improving women’s health.

Candidates for Vice President

Dr. Rhonda Farrell
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
Thank you for considering me for the position of IGCS Vice President and for taking the time to read this vision statement. My name is Rhonda Farrell, and I am a gynaecological oncologist working in Sydney, Australia. I have been a gynae oncologist and an IGCS member for over 15 years. I would be honoured to be elected as Vice President of IGCS and continue to serve your society to ultimately help improve the lives of women with gynaecological cancer around the world.

One of the key strategies of IGCS to improve global outcomes for women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer is to improve the education and training of our members. Our junior trainees and consultants are the future of our society, and providing mentorship and support to this group is a key priority. I have had the opportunity to be involved in this area of IGCS for the past four years as the Senior Mentor of the Early Career Research and Publishing Network. I have witnessed how this mentorship can foster engagement in our society and the passion of our young colleagues for improving clinical care and outcomes through networking and research. The enthusiasm and intelligence of our young members never ceases to amaze me. I would like to further contribute to and grow this important mission of IGCS.

I have also had the privilege of working as a previous member of the IGCS Board representing the Asia/ Oceania region (2020-2023) and during this time I have become acutely aware of the inequities of resources to treat gynaecological cancer around the world. In order to close these care gaps, we must work as an international team with a united vision. IGCS members are working hard to achieve equity through programmes such as the gynaecological fellowship training programme and ECHO tumour Boards. To develop programmes like these I recognise the importance of being able to share ideas and identify key drivers of positive change with other members. As the Vice President of IGCS and with your help I would like to help grow these important programmes in the future. I also respect the importance of social, economic, and cultural diversity of all members for the overall benefit of our Society.

Finally, although Australia seems a long way away from the rest of the world, I am now very good at late night webinars and meetings, so I am not that far away! Overall, I believe I have the experience, communication skills, and maturity to be an asset to your society and would be privileged to serve as your Vice President of IGCS.

Prof. Dilyara Kaidarova
Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
I am a Director of the KazIOR, President of the Kazakhstan Cancer Society, Professor, PhD, MD, Active member of Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences, IGCS Council for Asia and Oceania, member of ASCO International Affairs Committee, contributor to the Lancet Commission on Cancer and Health System, active participating member of ESMO and UICC. I have more than 30 years’ work experience in cancer care services.

IGCS has proved itself as a powerful and motivating organization, which has a significant impact on the overall development of gynecological cancer care globally. Having joined the IGCS over a decades ago as a member, I have been increasingly engaged in its activities, which lead to my participation as an organizer of the IGCS regional conference held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2017.

Since then, we have developed strong educational programs with IGCS experts while engaging a large network of gynecological oncologists from all regions of Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries and selected Caucasus countries into the knowledge exchange and learning process. We have conducted tumor boards and didactics in the framework of Project ECHO, coordinated several regional meetings under the auspice of IGCS, where Kazakhstan was a platform to strengthen the educational relationships of a majority of Central Asian countries and Georgian Gyn Oncologists with leading IGCS international experts.

For the last several years, Kazakhstan has been increasing the landscape of IGCS’ impact in the Eurasian region. As a result of successful cooperation and mentoring, a Gynecological Session of Congress of Kazakhstan oncologist radiologists was held under the auspices of IGCS in December 2020 and in April 2023. More than two thousand oncologists from Kazakhstan and multiple neighboring regions as well as international leading experts in gyn cancer fields from all over the world, healthcare professionals, representatives of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, press, media, and many other valuable contributors attended the significant regional event.

Thanks to my involvement in the work of IGCS, I have a clear and complete understanding and full commitment to the aims, principles, and values of the IGCS to be applied and to the best capacity. I am dedicated to the promotion of a comprehensive approach to cancer care, from prevention and early detection to rehabilitation and palliative care, on the regional level and internationally, with the focus on countries with limited resources.

I believe that my extensive professional experience and longstanding understanding of the developments in one of largest regions will allow me to contribute to the development of high-standard cancer care services in developing countries and countries with limited resources. It will be my honor to serve IGCS Community as Vice President for the upcoming term.

Candidates for Secretary Treasurer Elect

Prof. David Atallah
Hôtel-Dieu de France University Hospital, Saint Joseph University

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
As a dedicated member of IGCS and a passionate advocate for women's health, I am eager to contribute my skills, expertise, and vision to advance the society’s mission. My goal on becoming a specialist doctor was always to improve outcomes for women affected by gynecological cancers which aligns perfectly with the commitment of IGCS globally.

My professional background as director of the gynecologic oncology center and head of department in my hospital and leader of my local gyn-onc community has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the Treasurer-Elect role. With my experience, I am hoping to support the IGCS mission of spreading awareness and education in our specialized field among all medical and nursing professionals and with patient advocates in local, national, and international communities.

If elected, I intend to focus on several key initiatives as follows.

In close collaboration with the board members, I will identify opportunities for funding projects that endorse IGCS’s educational priorities and outreach. As an international society, we need to focus on supporting and expanding our already successful educational programs to reach people all over the globe, particularly in low- and middle-income counties, and to devise innovative and culturally sensitive training projects to suit local needs. As Treasurer-Elect, I will prioritize open and transparent communication regarding financial matters and provide regular updates to the Board and to all members. I recognize that the success of our mission relies on a strong collaboration within the Board to benefit from the diverse expertise available and within our global community of members which has an inexhaustible source of talent and commitment.

These are troubled times. I believe my background has given me the wherewithal to be inclusive, to listen and to prioritize, all of which will be needed to be a successful contributor to the Board and to the Society as a whole.

I am deeply honored to be considered for the role of Treasurer-Elect on the Board of Directors of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society. I am inspired by the opportunity to contribute to the Society's continued success and impact, and I am committed to serving with dedication, integrity, and professionalism.

Dr. Brian Slomovitz
Mount Sinai Medical Center
United States

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
The mission of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society is to enhance the care of patients with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education and training and public awareness. My interest to serve as Secretary/Treasurer on the IGCS Board of Directors stems from my alignment with this mission and my desire to make further progress. Educating our constituents, training the next generation of health care providers, and informing the populations that we serve will allow us to offer the best care globally. I feel that my prior and current experiences in these three components of our mission have best prepared me to serve in a leadership role.

One of the highlights of my professional career has been to serve as the co-Program Chair of the 2022 Annual Meeting of the IGCS. It was the first in-person meeting that we have had since the pandemic. For over a year, my co-chair, Audrey Tsunoda, and I worked tirelessly with the IGCS team to have a record-breaking meeting that presented the best research studies, provided the most up to date learning opportunities, and featured world-renowned speakers (including one of the developers of the COVID vaccine). The educational value of such a conference is priceless. Sessions focused on cervical cancer screening in low- and middle-income countries, surgical pearls that help surgeons reproduce the best outcomes regardless of their geographic region, and the most advanced, game-changing systemic therapies. Financially, we had record-breaking industry support that also made the meeting a success. In 2023 and 2024, I have been given the opportunity to work as an advisor on the Annual Meeting. I am committed to our future success.

As an international organization, we need to continue to integrate into our communities and raise awareness about gynecologic oncology. I often lecture to local advocacy groups, including Gilda's Club and the NOCC, on the importance of prevention and overall gynecologic oncology care. I am honored to be a board member for Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper (HOW), a Palm Beach based patient advocacy group. I am also extensively involved with the advocacy group Turn the Towns Teal, which has the primary goal of turning September into the color teal honoring Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

I have been given the tremendous responsibility and opportunity to serve as the Chair of the Uterine Cancer Awareness Month working group within the IGCS. Our goal has been to turn June into Uterine Cancer Awareness Month. This initiative will have a global impact. Raising community awareness will also aid in improving our philanthropic efforts. This revenue stream is invaluable and necessary to achieve our overall goals. As the Secretary/Treasurer, I plan to build upon prior successes and help to lead our organization into the future. There are so many opportunities to continue to make the IGCS the preeminent society for gynecologic oncology and I plan to take advantage of these opportunities.

Candidates for Board Member Latin America, Caribbean

Dr. Glauco Baiocchi
AC Camargo Cancer Center

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
In 2020, of the total of 19.3 million estimated new cancer cases, 1.4 million were registered in Latin America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, by 2030, 75% of all cancer deaths will occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The cancer burden in Latin America and Caribbean is increasing, with a substantial impact on health systems and a growing demand for specialized services. However, we face in Latin America and Caribbean a limited number of cancer specialists, lack of formal training and research in gynecologic cancer.

IGCS plays a fundamental role in enhancing gynecologic cancer care through education, training, and awareness initiatives. I’ve been an IGCS member since 2009 and it would be an honor to actively represent Latin America and Caribbean as a Board Member to expand the IGCS mission in our region.

Dr. Florencia Noll
Sanatorio Allende Cerro

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
Representation and Collaboration at IGCS: A Vision from Latin America

Being a part of the IGCS as a member of the gynecological oncology community is not only a privilege but also a profound source of motivation both professionally and personally. It is an honor to work alongside a dedicated team that extends knowledge and fosters collaboration on a global scale.

As part of a dynamic research network in Latin America, our goal is to engage actively in global strategies that enhance patient care. By seeking a position on the IGCS Board, I aim to strengthen our representation and boost our contribution to worldwide initiatives. Our commitment is to work tirelessly to educate and empower clinicians and researchers across the globe, advocating for systematic enhancements in care. I place a special focus on developing targeted strategies that are adaptable to the unique challenges faced by low and middle-income regions.

Serving on the IGCS Board of Directors would be an extraordinary opportunity to represent Latin America and the Caribbean. This role is not only exciting and challenging but also deeply gratifying. By uniting our efforts, we can achieve greater advancements in the fight against gynecologic cancers.

Candidates for Board Member Europe

Prof. Giorgio Bogani
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
I believe our primary mission is to foster inclusivity.

The diverse range of cultures, educational backgrounds, economic circumstances, life experiences, and expertise among our members highlights a spectrum of needs we must address. To achieve this, we must establish a comprehensive network of services, including innovative fellowships tailored for young gynecologic oncologists. By nurturing their professional growth, we ultimately enhance patient care.

I am dedicated to building upon our Society’s esteemed legacy, creating new opportunities that align with our members’ needs, and uncovering untapped avenues for advancing patient care.

The IGCS is committed to breaking down barriers in gynecologic cancer care and transcending national boundaries, disciplines, and genders. Furthermore, IGCS must prioritize optimal care for women with gynecological cancers, promoting education and sustainable cancer care. These principles will remain central to our mission as we move forward.

Prof. Christina Fotopoulou
Imperial College London
United Kingdom

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
It will be my great honor to serve in the role of board member for Europe in IGCS, a society that I have been an active member of for almost 20 years. Along with ESGO, where I have served as a council member in the period 2017-2021; I have helped to shape and evolve the voice of the gynaecological oncology community worldwide, through the development and launching of practice relevant guidelines, quality indicators, centre accreditation specifications, educational activities, international exchange programmes and crosslinking of national and international gynae oncology societies.

Being originally Greek, but having lived and worked in Germany for 20 years and now living and working in the United Kingdom for 10 years, I have deep knowledge of the significant challenges and conflicts arising from the strong national variations in practice, clear differences in philosophy and mentality, and most importantly the strongly varying healthcare resources and access to care that exist across the different cancer centres and hospitals across the globe. In my previous role as the chair of the Guidelines Committee of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS), chair of the Guidelines Committee of ESGO, and member of the German AGO Ovarian Cancer Group, I have contributed towards homogenising these differences, in an effort to standardize care across Europe, and beyond, reduce inequalities and dilute the impact of the post code lottery effect in patients care.

My vision is to continue promoting excellence in the management of women’s cancers across the globe and to equate differences and variations in practice that lead to suboptimal patients’ outcome. The advocacy vision of IGCS has been continuously evolving in the last decades, promoting a multidisciplinary approach to the global curriculum program for gyn oncology training. Along with optimising outcomes, care, and education at first line, my aim will be to extend efforts and multidisciplinary also in the palliative sector. We must emphasize a global nursing curriculum and education around psychooncological aspects under a holistic umbrella to complement care also at the last stages of our patients' journey. We need to address philanthropy to help our mission particularly around our fellowship programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us significant lessons of how we as a gynaecological oncology community can work together diminishing all borders and restrictions for the sake of our patients. I was fortunate to be part of the initiation team that launched the COVIDSurg- Gynaecological Oncology study bringing together colleagues and friends from Europe, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, North America, Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa. We were able to give a strong signal of the camaraderie, collegiality, and spirit of human and professional bonding in unprecedented times of universal crisis. We have identified weaknesses and gaps in the healthcare systems worldwide and ways to address them. My vision will be to take these lessons learnt and networks built, from a dark space into the light and use them to promote excellence across all levels.

Candidates for Board Member Asia, Oceania, Pacific

Dr. Seema Singhal
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:

• To advance evidence-based Gynaecological Oncology practices, advocate for supportive policies, and collaborate internationally to improve outcomes for individuals affected by gynecological cancers.
• To contribute my expertise to support IGCS's mission and positively impact patients and families through education, research, and awareness.
• To cultivate a robust and diverse workforce in Gynaecological Oncology, empowering professionals worldwide to advance research, treatment, and care for women with gynecologic cancers, through strategic partnerships, education, and mentorship.
• To champion political advocacy and navigate regulatory landscapes to ensure equitable access to comprehensive gynecologic oncology care worldwide and harness the power of digital health technologies and continuous quality-improvement to revolutionize care delivery.

• To contribute for IGCS mandate in alignment with the SDGs to improve access, equity and evidence-based cancer care globally.

Key Strategies
Collaboration and partnership: Current Executive member of several key organizations:
• Association of Gynae Oncologists of India (AGOI)
• Asia-Oceania Research Organisation in Genital Infection and Neoplasia-India (AOGIN-India)
• Indian Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ISCCP)
• Oncology Committee of Association of Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD)
• Member ASGO Task Force on Personalized-Medicine

Drawing from my experience, I would actively pursue partnerships with organizations within and beyond the cancer community to leverage resources, expertise, and innovative approaches. Collaborations can amplify impact in funding research, implementing education, or offering support services for patients thus addressing the multifaceted challenges.

Research and innovation:
As a faculty member at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Delhi, India), the leading research and teaching institute in my country, I have mentored students in research projects by providing guidance and support in overcoming challenges. I would prioritize cutting-edge research focusing on equity-diversity-inclusion, while fostering collaborations among researchers, institutions, and industry-partners to promote impactful projects.

Global outreach and education to budding gynecologic oncologists, particularly in underserved communities with limited access to information and resources. I have been involved in the super specialty (MCh Gynaecologic Oncology) residency program of AIIMS, Delhi by designing and updating the program's curriculum, conducting lectures and practical sessions, clinical-training, and mentoring fellows and residents-in-training. I am working as National co-ordinator of Gynae Oncology webinars for trainees in my country. I have conducted live surgical workshops, cadaver training workshops and teaching modules in Gynae-oncology. I would support development of educational resources, workshops, and training programs to strengthen healthcare professionals' expertise.

As an advocate for policies that support cancer research and evidence-based practices, my experience includes coordinating drafting of India's first resource-stratified guidance on "Screening and Treatment of Pre-Invasive Lesions of Cervix and HPV-Vaccination", serving as national expert on operational guidelines for the HPV vaccination program by the Ministry of Health. These roles have equipped me with the necessary skillset to engage with policymakers, organizations, and advocacy groups to shape policies prioritizing gynecological cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship care.

Public education and awareness on gynecological cancer care policy through media, events, and materials can build support for policy changes and prompt action from policymakers. I am capable of furthering IGCS's mission and positively influencing care for gynaecological cancers.

Dr. Ai Ling Tan
Ascot Hospital
New Zealand

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
My vision for serving on the IGCS Board of Directors is rooted in a deep commitment to ensuring that every woman facing gynaecological cancer receives the highest standard of care and support, regardless of her circumstances.

1. **Empowerment through Education**: I believe in the power of education to empower women to become active participants in their own healthcare journey. By providing accessible and culturally sensitive education, we can equip women with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their health.

2. **Advocacy for Equity and Access**: I am passionate about advocating for policies and resources that break down barriers to care and ensure equitable access to life-saving treatments and support services for all women, regardless of their background or geographical location.

3. **Holistic Support Services**: Recognizing that gynaecological cancer affects every aspect of a woman's life, I am committed to championing holistic support services that address the emotional and practical needs of women and their families throughout their cancer journey.

4. **Global Collaboration and Partnerships**: I believe in the power of collaboration to amplify our impact and reach even the most underserved communities. By forging strategic partnerships and leveraging resources, we can maximize our efforts to improve outcomes for women facing gynaecological cancer worldwide.

5. **Research and Innovation**: I am dedicated to advancing research and fostering innovation in gynaecological cancer care, with a focus on developing more effective prevention strategies, treatments, and supportive care measures to improve patient outcomes.

6. **Continuous Learning and Capacity Building**: I recognize the importance of ongoing education and training initiatives to enhance clinical capacity, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). By investing in the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, we can ensure that women in need receive high-quality care no matter where they live.

I am inspired by the work that IGCS has accomplished thus far, despite resource constraints, and I am eager to contribute my skills, experience, and passion to furthering the organization's mission. Together, we can transform the landscape of gynaecological cancer care, bringing hope, dignity, and improved outcomes to women around the world.

Candidates for Board Member Africa, Middle East

Prof. Tracey Sheridan Adams
Groote Schuur Hospital/ University of Cape Town
South Africa

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
My vision is for an inclusive society where all are considered, and all voices are acknowledged. Cancer care for women is a priority and a human right. This can only be achieved with collaborative effort, conversation and a purpose in driving policy and change.

There is diversity in various regions of Africa and the Middle East, and so much to learn from each other. It is also vital that representation provides opportunities for local solutions in cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and in research that is relevant, contextual, and ethical. I believe in a values-based approach to bridge medicine and humanity.

I am the current secretary of the South African Society of Gynaecological Oncology (SASGO) and a steering committee member of the University of Cape Town Division of Global Surgery (UCT GS). I am also a member of the South African Medical Research Council University of Cape Town Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre (SA MRC UCT GCRC).

My research interests are in peri-operative care, multizonal HPV-associated disease and ovarian cancer. I am passionate about education and continuing professional development and I have been involved in local training of trainees and subspecialists, as well as the IGCS trainee program. I have also been involved in advocacy workshops and community outreach. Outside of academia, I am a mother, runner and enjoy hiking, travel, and nature.

The International Gynaecological Cancer Society can unite all those caring for women with gynaecological cancer and advocate for best possible care in all contexts. A board member position would provide an opportunity for representation of LMIC and resource limited settings, and a contribution to the International Gynaecological Cancer Society in achieving its mission of global cancer care for all.

Dr. Alex Mutombo Baleka
Kinshasa University Hospital
Congo, Democratic Republic

Specialty: Gynecologic Oncology

Personal Statement:
IGCS members working in Africa and the Middle East face unique challenges in delivering high quality, equitable patient care to women affected by gynecologic cancers. By applying for the IGCS Board of Directors, I would like to gather with other practitioners in my region to join forces in an effort to learn more about these challenges and understand the landscape of oncology on a regional level.

Cancer in Africa is characterized by late diagnosis, limited access to treatment, and poor patient outcomes. As the burden of gynecologic cancers in the region is still in the rise, together with the other leaders in the region will help IGCS identify the needs of international members; I also plan to facilitate and encourage member involvement in IGCS’s global activities. As a Board Member I will plan to regularly meet with peers in the region in order to:

  • Advise IGCS leadership on the needs and challenges of members in our region.
  • Help IGCS to identify and adapt programs and services that can be used to address regional challenges.
  • Identify opportunities and best practices that could enhance the professional development of members in the region.
  • Provide a forum for members of the region to network, collaborate, and work on local solutions.
  • Raise awareness of and increase engagement with IGCS opportunities.

As Africa and the Middle East face a shortage in the oncology workforce – from oncologists to radiotherapy technicians, to pharmacists, nurses, medical physicists, and pathologists, we will promote working with health ministries and hospitals to expand, train, and support the oncology workforce, including oncologists, radiotherapy technicians, and pathologists. Also, we will work to improve access to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, diagnostics, and pain relief by shaping the market to function better.

Candidates for Board Member Medical Oncologist

Dr. Graziela Zibetti Dal Molin
Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo

Specialty: Medical Oncology

Personal Statement:
I have the expertise, leadership, training, and motivation necessary to successfully carry out the position of medical oncology representative to the IGCS Board of Directors. As a medical oncologist in Latin America, my vision for this position includes focus on education, advocacy, and integration of collaborative research groups, especially in Latin America and other low and middle income regions. For leadership in education, I propose focusing on educational initiatives, especially in regions with limited resources. This includes organizing webinars and tumor boards to enhance the knowledge and skills of physicians. By implementing these actions, I aim to bridge the educational gap and empower healthcare professionals in underserved areas.

For advocacy, my plan revolves around raising awareness about HPV vaccination, particularly in areas with high cervical cancer incidence. To further enhance the impact of medical oncology in Latin America, I emphasize the importance of integrating collaborative groups. This approach can foster a culture of research, innovation, and knowledge, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and advancements in the field of oncology.

Dr. Don Dizon
Lifespan Cancer Institute and Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University
United States

Specialty: Medical Oncology

Personal Statement:
I am a medical oncologist specializing in novel therapies in gynecologic cancers and sexual health after a cancer diagnosis. In addition, I have developed a passion as an advocate in the quest for equity. As the Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Professional Integrity at SWOG and as the Associate Director for Community Outreach and Engagement at Legorreta Cancer Center, I am responsible for ensuring all stakeholders have the opportunity to be heard and be a part of movements that are aimed at improving care for people with cancer – locally, nationally, and internationally.

I believe these various interests and experiences particularly align with the goals of the IGCS. We can all become better clinicians and better people when we exchange ideas with - and acknowledge the diversity of - others.