Addressing Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Globally

In this episode, Dr. Robert Coleman is joined by Prof. Donal Brennan and Prof. Sudha Sundar to discuss the problem of disparities in ovarian cancer care and IGCS’ newest initiative to unite clinicians, researchers, and advocates across the globe to improve outcomes for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer everywhere.

To begin, IGCS has convened a coalition of international experts to weigh in and strategize ways to bridge the gap between disciplines and to identify and overcome potential barriers within regions.

The first goal of the coalition is to better understand and determine national and international variations in the access to and standard of care including diagnostics, genetic testing, chemotherapy and targeted therapy, cytoreductive surgery, and palliation. Watch to learn more about how we plan to approach this important initiative.

Annual Global Meeting

In this episode of Conversations with Coleman where Dr. Coleman is joined by the 2021 Scientific Program Committee Chairs, Dr. Ana Oaknin (Spain) and Dr. Matthew Powell (USA). They discussed the 2021 IGCS Annual Global Meeting to be held in Rome this August 30 -September 2. Watch and learn about their bold plans to host an in-person meeting with a virtual component using a hub and spoke concept, abstract submission information, and key pieces of the program.

Celebrating World Cancer Day

In this special episode of Conversations with Coleman, IGCS President, Dr. Robert Coleman is joined by IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken to discuss World Cancer Day.

They discuss the themes and key issues surrounding World Cancer Day, IGCS's advocacy initiatives, and the importance of the IGCS Health Equity Statement as a guidepost to programing. They also talk about IGCS's membership with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and answer questions from the viewers.

Membership & Engagement

In this episode, Dr. Coleman is joined by IGCS past Presidents, Dr. Michael Quinn and Dr. Roberto Angioli, and future President Dr. Keiichi Fujiwara. They discuss how they each first became involved with the IGCS, key member benefits, and the origin of the Strategic Alliance Partner Program. They also talk about the diversity of the IGCS Council, the importance of volunteer leaders in achieving strategic goals for the society, and give advice to members who are interested in becoming more involved with IGCS initiatives and programs.

Introducing Conversations with Coleman

In this first video message, Dr. Coleman discusses the goals of this web series, explains why he decided to become involved with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society over 25 years ago, and why he thinks the society is unique and important. He also touches on his leadership style and how he plans to engage the IGCS Council Members during his term as IGCS President.

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