International Gynecologic Cancer Society and International Journal of Gynecological Cancer
Evidence-Based Medicine for Gynecological Oncology (EBM on the GO)

We are delighted to announce the launch of the IGCS-IJGC Evidence Based Medicine for Gynecologic Oncology – “EBM on the GO”. Evidence based medicine (EBM) is defined as the process of systematically finding, appraising, and applying current research to make clinical decisions. EBM integrates clinical expertise with the best available evidence and patients’ values & preferences. As new evidence is generated it is essential to stay up to date with research in our field - but how do we do this during our busy schedules and how do we know which evidence to rely on?

EBM on the GO is a learning opportunity originating from the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer’s Editorial Fellowship which provides opportunities for trainees and early career faculty to gain experience in the peer review process and scientific communication. EBM on the GO will enhance your skills in critical appraisal and provide you with tools to incorporate the best evidence in gynecologic oncology into everyday practice. The curriculum is for gynecologic oncologists, medical and radiation oncologists, trainees, nurses, allied health professionals, physicians and physician assistants, and anyone who cares for patients with gynecologic cancers.

EBM on the GO consists of online video tutorials by international experts on how to critically appraise a manuscript, how to interpret studies of new diagnostic tests, how to search the literature effectively and efficiently, how to appraise clinical practice guidelines and systematic reviews, and how to incorporate EBM into your daily practice among many others! The curriculum uses specific examples from the gynecological cancer literature so that it is highly relevant to the learner. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the curriculum.

We hope you enjoy this remarkable learning opportunity and that it helps you to incorporate EBM in your daily practice.

Paul Cohen, MD
Chair, IGCS Education Committee

Michael Pearl, MD
Vice-Chair, IGCS Education Committee

Thank you to those who contributed their time and knowledge to EBM on the GO.

Emma Allanson
Erick Estrada Zaldaña
Andreína Fernandes
Christina Fotopoulou
Rosalind Glasspool
Jorge Hoegl
Fernando Heredia
Aarthi S. Jayraj
Humberto Martinez-Cordero

Alexander Melamed
Florencia Noll
Andreas Obermair
Lina Caicedo Paez
René Pareja
Angelica Viviana Fletcher Prieto
Pedro T. Ramirez
Ana Tatiana Palacios Torres
David Viveros