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What internet browser should I use for the best experience?

We recommend using either Google Chrome or Safari internet browser for the best user experience.

Why am I not eligible for certain courses?

Some educational content is available only for IGCS members, as a member benefit. IGCS members receive educational content complimentary with their membership.

Not an IGCS member? Join IGCS today and be a part of the leading global society advancing gynecologic cancer care around the world. In addition to complimentary valuable educational resources and training opportunities, you will also be supporting the society’s mission to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education and training and public awareness. Click here to learn more about IGCS member benefits.

I began a certificate program (Palliative Care of Preinvasive Disease) in the previous learning system, did my progress carry over?

Yes, if you began a certificate program but did not complete it, your progress has been migrated over into Education360 Learning Portal.

How do I register for upcoming webinars?

After logging into Education360 Learning Portal, select the webinar you would like to attend from the catalog, click the “Register” button. Remember to “Add to Calendar” after registering.

You will receive reminder emails closer to the webinar date.

Is my course progress tracked?

Yes, your course progress is tracked, and when returning to Education360 Learning Portal, you may begin courses exactly where you left off. By logging in you can access courses you have started and/or completed by clicking “My Courses” on the left navigation panel.

Can I view educational content without logging in?

You may browse the catalog without logging in, along with reading course descriptions. To view the educational content, you must log in. Your log information is the same as your IGCS account.

How do I log into Education360 Learning Portal?

Your log information is the same as your IGCS account. You can reset your password online or if unsure of your login information, email education@igcs.org and IGCS staff will reset your login information.

We have created Guest accounts within the IGCS database for the contacts on our email list who have engaged with our society through our communications and/or participated in our previously held educational events. Those contacts were sent an email with their username and password on September 6th. If you are unsure if you have an account, please contact education@igcs.org.

What is the benefit of Full Membership in the IGCS?

Full Membership is available to multidisciplinary clinicians and researchers—any professional dedicated to the treatment or study of gynecologic cancers. Benefits include educational resources developed by the IGCS Education Committee, certificate programs, online access to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, exclusive volunteer opportunities, and professional development. To view a detailed list of Full Member benefits, click here.  

In addition to the valuable educational resources and training opportunities, members support the society’s mission to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education and training and public awareness. 

What does it mean to be part of a Strategic Alliance Partnership and what do I do if I think I am a part of one?

Strategic Alliance Partnerships are formed with regional and international groups dedicated to the study of gynecologic cancers for the mutual benefit of IGCS and the groups within the alliance. These alliances allow IGCS to provide educational opportunities to more gynecologic cancer specialists worldwide, increasing the collective power of our membership to advance our mission. Click here to view a full list of our current Strategic Alliance Partners.   

Each agreement may have slightly different terms depending on the capacity of the partner organization. Individual memberships through these partnerships must be approved by each organization and IGCS will create a membership account for each member.  Please reach out to Rosie Stephans at rosie.stephans@igcs.org for more information.  

Do Strategic Alliance Partner Members have access to Full Member benefits?

Yes, Strategic Alliance Partners have access to nearly all the same benefits as Full Members. The only difference is that SOME Strategic Alliance Partner members may not have complimentary access to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer included.  

IGCS negotiates the terms of each Strategic Alliance Partnership with regional leaders. Some regional groups entering the alliance may have the capacity to cover the costs of a journal subscription for their members and some may not. Strategic Alliance Members should check their welcome email message or email rosie.stephans@igcs.org to find out if journal access is included with their membership. If the journal is not included, IGCS offers a significant discount of only $15 annually.  

What is a Guest Membership?

Guest Members have limited access to online resources. This type of account allows individuals to receive updates and communications from IGCS. Guest members have a username and password to access their account and can access limited offerings in the IGCS Education360 Learning Portal when they log in. Guests can use their account to register for educational webinars and the IGCS Annual Global Meeting. Lapsed Full Members are transferred to Guest Membership. 

What is Advocate Membership?

Advocate Membership is intended for patients, survivors, caregivers, and individuals who identify primarily as patient advocates (rather than clinicians or researchers). When signing up for Advocate Membership, individuals are automatically considered part of the International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network (IGCAN). Advocate Members are prompted to provide data about their role as a patient (specifying their diagnoses) or caregiver when creating and editing their account. This data is optional and only collected so we can understand who is engaging with us and how we can best understand and serve the patients, caregivers, and advocates who are a part of the International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network. 

If I am not a clinician or researcher, what are my options for membership?

Individuals who are not clinicians or researchers can sign up for Guest Membership or Advocate Membership. Both Guest Membership and Advocate Members are free, but they have limited access to educational offerings (education targeted to clinicians). All patient advocate education and resources are available at no cost to Guest and Advocate Members, so there is no need for a paid membership to access those resources.  

Why do some Latin American countries have a special membership rate?

A special discounted rate was negotiated for select Latin American countries when the leadership and members in these countries approached IGCS to enter into an agreement using the Strategic Alliance Partnership model. The IGCS Leaders in Latin America used this special discount offer to recruit more members from Latin America, which increased membership significantly in the region.  

IGCS welcomes ideas from our members and leaders regarding new recruitment strategies because our main goal is to be as inclusive as possible, allowing our educational mission to spread worldwide. 

Who can I contact to help with membership questions or issues?

Email IGCS’ Membership and Administrative Coordinator Rosie Stephans directly at rosie.stephans@igcs.org or leave her a voice message at 1-404-520-0823 (USA phone number)  

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