IGCS Members and Friends,

I am extremely proud to announce on behalf of the IGCS leadership that the Impact Factor for the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer increased to 4.8. The publication now ranks 80 of 241 in the Oncology category and 13 of 85 in the Obstetrics & Gynecology category.

Dr. Pedro Ramirez became the IJGC Editor in Chief in January 2019. We’d like to congratulate him on this achievement and applaud the efforts of the Associate Editors, Editorial Board, our Publisher BMJ and the journal's Managing Editor, Emily Hammond. The quality of content published in our journal has continued to rise and the level of engagement from the contributors and readers is outstanding. Thanks to all our members, authors, and editors!

IGCS President Dr. Keiichi Fujiwara commented, “IJGC continues to increase its profile and impact with high-quality, citable content. Our members have a variety of medical journals to choose from when publishing their work and I’m proud to see so many choosing to submit to our society’s journal. This makes IJGC the publication representing research being done around the world highlighting key issues critical to patients not only in developed countries but also in low-resource countries. All types of research are important to our specialty and helps to advance gynecologic cancer care both regionally and worldwide.”

Dr. Pedro Ramirez shares his sentiments: “Our team is extremely proud of this achievement and we are grateful for all the great investigators who contributed their great work to our journal. We also wish to thank the International Gynecologic Cancer Society and the European Society of Gynecological Oncology, as well as our Managing Editors, and our Publisher BMJ. I would also like to express my gratitude to our outstanding team of Associate Editors, Editorial Board, Social Media Editors and our outstanding groups of IJGC Fellows.”

IJGC is the scientific publication for topics relevant to detection, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gynecologic malignancies. IJGC emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach and includes original research (clinical trials and translational or basic research), reviews, and opinion pieces.

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Again, congratulations to Pedro and the entire IJGC team!

Mary Eiken, MS

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