Interactive Updates on Selected Topics in Gynecology Oncology

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May 7 - Cervix Cancer
May 14 - Endometrial Cancer
May 21 - Ovarian Cancer
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Cervix Cancer | May 7
Moderated by Reitan Ribeiro
Surgical Treatment in cervical cancer - LACC trial impact
Pedro Ramirez 
Cervical cancer in pregnancy 
Aldo López Blanco 
Immunotherapy in cervical cancer: state-of-art 
Mauricio Lema  
Advances in radiation oncology for cervical cancer 
Anuja Jhingran 
Surgical treatment of advanced cervical cancer 
Renato Moretti-Marques
Endometrial Cancer | May 14
Moderated by Fernando Heredia
Historical evolution of lymph node assessment for endometrial cancer surgery 
Andrea Mariani 
Is there still a role for laparotomy in endometrial cancer? 
David Isla 
Up-to-date systemic therapy for endometrial cancer 
Eduardo Paulino 
Molecular classification and implications for therapy 
Angelica Nogueira-Rodrigues 
Controversies in radiation oncology for endometrial 
Hannah Simonds 
Technical aspects in endometrial cancer surgery 
Julian Di Guilmi 
Ovarian Cancer | May 21
Moderated by Fernando Maulf
Clinical selection for surgery in EOC 
Christina Fotopoulou 
Laparoscopic selection for surgery in EOC 
Giovanni Scambia 
How to incorporate PARPi in our practice? 
Michelle Samora 
Secondary cytoreduction in EOC 
Georgia Cintra 
Role of gynecologic oncology in BRCA testing 
Carlos Eduardo Andrade 


Audrey Tsunoda, MD
Fernando Maluf, MD
René Pareja, MD

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