Uganda Cancer Institute

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Ugandan women. The incidence and mortality rates for cervical cancer in Uganda are higher than Africa and East Africa.

The Mulago National Referral Hospital (MNRH) and the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) are the national referral centers for the entire country. There is one radiotherapy machine and limited chemotherapy is available at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

The morbidity and mortality caused by gynecologic cancers in Uganda can be reduced by unified efforts to provide patient education, access to care, early detection and screening programs, and effective treatment by properly trained physicians. The initial step to improve the care and management of women with gynecologic cancers is to train a critical mass of specialists in this field. This is the first gynecologic oncology fellowship in the country and the second one in East Africa.

Local Supervisors

Dr. Jane Namugga

Dr. Martin Origa completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2021 and now serves as a local supervisor. 

“The IGCS Fellowship program has profoundly expanded my skill and knowledge toolkit which will definitely and positively impact my lifelong clinical practice."

Dr. Pius Mulamira completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2021 and now serves as a local supervisor. 

“I am so grateful to my mentors for your commitment to us and the program. I remain eager to learn and grow even more with your continued guidance and counsel in my career. The program has empowered me to make better decisions and judgement in the care of my patients. I am indebted to you all.”

Dr. Juliet Birungi


Dr. Julius Nteziyaremye

Dr. Richard Mulumba

Graduated Fellows

Dr. Mariam Nabwire completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2019.

"The cogitation to initiate the gynecologic oncology fellowship training program in Uganda is a great turning point. The extensive support provided by the IGCS, our external mentors, and the local mentors has led to a successful fellowship program. Participation in IGCS program has enabled me to further develop my career, improve on my surgical skills and knowledge. This program has improved on the referral system and multidisciplinary approach to patient care at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). People in Uganda and neighboring countries should know that there is now sub-specialized care which is easily accessible and free at UCI. We must continue to train more fellows so that even the regional referral hospitals can have a gynecologic oncologists on ground to reduce on the congestion at UCI, hence maintain high quality services

I am honored to be one of the first two gynecologic oncologists trained in Uganda. We plan to set up the Uganda gynecologic oncology association to ensure quality and sustainability of gynecologic oncology services in Uganda and Africa at large."

Dr. Jerome Katumba completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2019.

"I am extremely excited by the great achievement of completing the IGCS Fellowship and becoming one of the first gynecologic oncologists locally trained in Uganda. This fellowship has enriched my knowledge and skills in the field of gynecologic oncology and has completely changed my approach and practice in the management of patients.

I extend my sincere gratitude to my local and external mentors who toiled to impart us with the knowledge and skills during the training. I am also beholden by the hospitality and shadowing experience I enjoyed from the staff of the University of California San Francisco Hospital, North Carolina University Hospital and Duke University Hospital.

Bravo IGCS Fellowship Team! Keep the candle burning."

Dr. Julius Nkalubo completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2021.

“Thank you all for the support. This has been one of the most impactful academic journeys I have experienced.”

Dr. Maryam Shaki completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2022.

“I would like to thank IGCS for coordinating this gyn oncology fellowship. Many thanks to the mentors (both international and local) for their tireless efforts to make it possible for me to successfully complete this program.”

Dr. Mubiru Musa completed the Mentorship & Training Program in 2022. 

"Thanks everyone, for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to the mentors, Prof Lee, Prof Ueda, Dr. Jane, Dr. Okoth, Dr. Carol, Dr. Oryem, Dr. Thomas Randall for starting this programme in Uganda. The IGCS team for accepting to take on the programme. My mentors, both local and international. My colleagues especially Shaki. Today's examiners. And great thanks to Susan who has helped coordinate our learning."


Dr. Daezee Saywon


Dr. Joy Muhumuza


Dr. Pius Mulamira (2021)
Dr. Martin Origa (2021)

International Mentors

Dr. Stefanie Ueda
Dr. Joyce Varughese

Training Sites

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