Uganda Cancer Institute

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Ugandan women. The incidence and mortality rates for cervical cancer in Uganda are higher than Africa and East Africa.

The Mulago National Referral Hospital (MNRH) and the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) are the national referral centers for the entire country. There is one radiotherapy machine and limited chemotherapy is available at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

The morbidity and mortality caused by gynecologic cancers in Uganda can be reduced by unified efforts to provide patient education, access to care, early detection and screening programs, and effective treatment by properly trained physicians. The initial step to improve the care and management of women with gynecologic cancers is to train a critical mass of specialists in this field. This is the first gynecologic oncology fellowship in the country and the second one in East Africa.

Local Supervisor

Dr. Jane Namugga

International Mentors

Dr. Paula Lee (USA)
Dr. Stefanie Ueda (USA)


Dr. Mariam Nabwire
Dr. Jerome Katumba
Dr. Pius Mulamira
Dr. Julius Nkalubo
Dr. Martin Origa

In their own words

"Participation in IGCS program has enabled me develop my career, improve on my surgical skills and knowledge. This program has improved on the referral system and multidisciplinary approach to patient care at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). People in Uganda and neighboring countries should know that there is now sub-specialized care which is easily accessible and free at UCI. We must continue to train more fellows so that even the regional referral hospitals can have a gynecologic oncologists on ground to reduce on the congestion at UCI, hence maintain high quality services." - Dr. Mariam Nabwire, Fellow, Uganda Cancer Institute

"Participation in the IGCS program has greatly enriched my knowledge and skills in management of gyn cancer patients especially in surgery and chemotherapy. It has enhanced multidisciplinary approach to managing patients through teaming with other disciplines like pediatric oncology, medical oncology, and palliative care. People should now be aware that there are specialized services with the lead in Gyn Oncology including screening/preventive services." - Dr. Jerome Katumba, Fellow, Uganda Cancer Institute

Training Sites

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