Women & Newborn Hospital

Zambia is a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa. The capital city is Lusaka. The population is 17 million and the official language is English. The country has one of the highest burden of cervical cancer in the world with an incidence of 41%.There is also a high prevalence of HIV which is a big risk factor for cervical cancer.

There are only two hospitals in the country providing proper gynecologic oncology surgery: Women and Newborn Hospital (WNB) and Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH). The two hospitals collaborate and are within the same complex under the University Teaching Hospitals.

CDH has been a center of excellence in cancer services in the country providing services such as clinical and radiation oncology, palliative, surgical and gynecologic oncology in addition to the other departments.

IGCS joined forces with Zambia in 2018 strengthening the work being done in the region by providing valuable resources and expanding learning opportunities.

Local Supervisors

Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu

Dr. Paul Kamfwa
"The program has helped in strengthening our health system as we endeavor to deliver equitable, timely quality and comprehensive gynecologic oncology services to our women in the country. Most of our women now have access to effective and quality cancer care particularly those who did not have an opportunity to get appropriate surgery."

Graduated Fellows

Dr. Samson Chisele graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2023.

"My IGCS journey was tortuous, but I never lost sight of the target. Thanks to a dedicated team of local and international mentors and the bigger IGCS family" 

Dr. Mukatimui Kalima-Munalula graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2021. 

"Being one of the two fellows doing the program here in Zambia has helped improve my surgical skills and knowledge about the problem of gynecologic cancers in women. Overall my experience has been a positive one. I think other staff in the hospital have also benefited indirectly because they now have a specialized service available to the many patients we are seeing. Women and Newborn Hospital is the only hospital currently providing specialist gynecologic oncology service in the country. The program will be a big boost towards provision of this service and hopefully more doctors will be trained in order to increase the number of specialists available."

International Mentors

Dr. Groesbeck Parham

Dr. Michael Hicks

Dr. Krista Pfaendler

Training Sites

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Graduates from Zambia

Dr. Samson Chisele

Location: Zambia

Year: 2023

Dr. Mukatimui Munalula

Location: Zambia

Year: 2021