The Impact of the War on Gynecologic Cancer Care: The Experience of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation.

Only a few days after the Russian invasion began in Ukraine, the Polish Society of Gynecologic Oncology began coordinating the treatment of Ukrainian patients with gynecological cancers. The full-scale military conflict in developed country is a unique experience and is exceptional challenge for healthcare systems both in invaded country and in neighboring countries. The cooperative initiative, organized by both Polish and Ukrainian oncogynecologists is based on a network of interpersonal contacts including Dr. Marcin Stanislaw Bobiński (Lublin, Poland) and Dr. Olha Hoptyana (Kyiv, Ukraine).

During the 2022 IGCS Annual Global Meeting, IGCS delegates heard from Dr. Bobiński. Dr. Hoptyana was not able to present in-person due to travel visa complications heightened by the conflict, but she did record two separate talks about how gynecologic cancer care is being impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Here are their presentations.

Dr. Olha Hoptyana’s account of the crisis in Ukraine, explaining how the medical community responded to the war, including a video filmed in the halls of a hospital in Ukraine during the first days of the invasion.

Dr. Marcin Stanislaw Bobiński’s presentation on the collaboration from both sides of the border, the challenges, successes, and the impact on patients in need of oncological care.

Dr. Olha Hoptyana’s presentation on the impact of the war on various cancer centers throughout Ukraine and video of a Ukrainian patient who is currently receiving treatment in Poland because of the cooperative efforts. 

Contact Information

Olha Hoptyana, MD
National Cancer Institute
Department of Gynecological Oncology
Kyiv, Ukraine 

Marcin Stanislaw Bobiński, MD, PhD, Ass. Professor
Medical Coordinator
1st Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Gynecology, Medical University of Lublin
Lublin, Poland

IGCS Global Humanitarian Award

The 2022 IGCS Global Humanitarian Award was presented to The Polish Society of Gynecologic Oncology (accepted by Dr. Marcin Bobiński) and Dr. Olha Hoptyana for their efforts to coordinate gynecologic cancer care for patients arriving in Poland. The President of the Ukrainian Association of Gynecological Oncologists, Dr. Valentin Svintsitskyi was in attendance and accepted the award on Dr. Hoptyana’s behalf, thanking the IGCS delegates for their attention and support. You can view the award presentation at the end of Marcin Bobiński’s video.