The International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) is embarking on an initiative to assess and address ovarian cancer care at a global level and has assembled an international steering committee called the Global Equality Group in Ovarian Cancer Care (GEGOCC) to conduct the assessment.

The goal of this project is to assess current practices, access to, and standards of care globally, and ultimately use this information to strive towards achieving equality and equity in care for all women affected by ovarian cancer.

Key items we are studying include:

  • use of national or international guidelines to inform ovarian cancer treatment recommendations
  • availability of quality registries
  • availability of multidisciplinary regional network agreements
  • availability of surgical training programs
  • utilization of surgical goals and documentation

Objectives of the study:

  • Knowing what resources are available and guidelines in place is extremely important to identify disparities in novel biologics and inform drug development for underserved areas.
  • Gathering data about key populations will ultimately help us inform the future of ovarian cancer clinical trial development in underserved communities.

If you are a clinician who cares for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we would be grateful if you would participate in our study by completing this survey. The survey will remain open until June 15. 

We ask that each clinician only completes the survey once and answers the questions with their individual practice patterns in mind.

The survey has been translated from English to Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin. Please chose the language you are most comfortable with and only complete the survey once.

GEOCC Steering Committee

Executive Committee 
Dr. Donal Brennan (Ireland)  
Dr. Robert Coleman (USA)  
Dr. Rhonda Farrell (Australia)  
Dr. Mario Leitao (USA) 
Dr. Sudha Sundar (UK)
Dr. Willemien van Driel (Netherlands) 
Dr. Oliver Zivanovic (USA) 

Steering Committee
Dr. Angeles Alvarez Secord (USA) 
Dr. David Atallah (Lebanon)
Dr. Glauco Baiocchi (Brazil) 
Dr. Aditi Bhatti (
Dr. Bill Cliby (USA)
Dr. SJ Chang (
South Korea) 
Dr. Nicole Concin (
Dr. Ignace de Hingh (Netherlands) 
Dr. Greta Dreyer (South Africa)

Dr. Andreas DuBois (Germany) 
Dr. Keiichi Fujiwara (Japan) 
Dr. Olivier Glehan (
Dr. Adrian HS Kim (South Korea) 
Dr. Jae-Weon Kim (South Korea) 
Dr. Brendan Moran (UK) 
Dr. Philippe Morrice (France) 
Dr. Asima Mukhopadhyay (India) 
Dr. Bakrin Naoual (France) 
Dr. Joseph Soon Yau Ng (Singapore) 
Dr. Angélica Nogueira Rodrigues (Brazil) 
Dr. Leslie Randall (USA) 
Dr. Beate Rau (Germany) 
Dr. Muhieddine Seoud (UAE)
Dr. Alexey Shevchuk (Russia) 
Dr. Ignace Vergote (Netherlands) 

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