Friends and Colleagues,

On Thursday, February 24, the world was shocked as information regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine was released. The IGCS believes in and supports the rule of international law and unequivocally decries any actions that lead to war and conflict and condemns this action by the Russian leadership.

We, the IGCS leadership coming from all corners of the earth, stand in support of our members and the women that they care for, regardless of their side in this conflict. We recognize that in this historic conflict many of them have been put in an inconceivably difficult position as they selflessly forge ahead to care for their patients.

We stand in support of our colleagues in Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. We are inspired by the wealth of spirit and independence of the Ukrainian people as they weather this impossibly difficult time in their nation’s history. We specifically voice our solidarity with all our members from this country and invite all IGCS members to join us in support of the universal basic human rights to life, peace, dignity, and freedom.

In times like these, we remember that IGCS is an international society, united and dedicated to improving the care of women living with cancer worldwide. As we lead a global struggle against gynecologic cancers, we do so with the clear understanding that promoting maximum achievable health outcomes for every woman, wherever and under whatever circumstance she might live is the bedrock of our mission. We urge a quick end to the conflict to preserve the life and liberty of all lives in the region.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances created by the conflict, we will not be initiating any new programs or relationships with national representatives from Russia or Belarus until further notice. We do this as a commitment to the principles of the rule of law and right to life and liberty, but we recognize the ongoing needs of women with gynecological cancer on both sides of the conflict and will continue to support individual members caring for women with gynecological cancer in these countries.

Thank you for being a part of the IGCS community. Whether you are a clinician, researcher, or patient advocate, you have our respect for the care you show our patients and for sharing our concern for all the rights and privileges of people everywhere.


Robert Coleman, MD
IGCS President

CC: IGCS Council

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