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China is in East Asia and the world’s most populous country, with a population of around 1.404 billion. In 2015, the incidence and mortality in ovarian cancer and cervical cancer in China are some of the highest in the world. There are more than 5,500 gynecological oncologists in China working at more than 138 cancer centers. Not all practicing specialists are current members of the Chinese Society but over time we hope that will change so more and more can take advantage of the benefits.

Dr. Quinn, President of the IGCS, said “We look forward to our partnership with China. Based on the sheer number of people living in China, the potential impact we can have on their members and ultimately the care of women in their region will be extraordinary. The burden of disease is really remarkable; we feel over time we will begin to make really meaningful improved outcomes for Chinese women.”

Dr. Qi Zhou, President of the Chinese Gynecologic Cancer Society who was instrumental in solidify the partnership says that “participating in the IGCS Strategic Alliance Partnership Program is an excellent opportunity for CGCS to offer a more formalized practice to the Chinese gynecologic oncologists, especially the younger generation. By collaborating with the IGCS, we will establish a network to allow an exchange of ideas and promote international cooperation for the clinicians in China. The leadership of CGCS believe that the collaboration between IGCS and CGCS will offer better care and better life to the women in China afflicted with gynecologic cancers.”

Chinese Gynecologic Cancer Society Leadership

President of Chinese Gynecologic Cancer Society
Prof. Qi Zhou
Director of Cancer Foundation of China
Chairman of the Gynecological Oncology Committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer Assoication
The Executive Director of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
Standing Committee Member of Oncology Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Vice president of Chongqing Anti-Cancer Association

Director of Chongqing Key Laboratory of Tumor Metastasis and Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment Transformation
The group leader of Experts for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer in Chongqing
Academic leader on Oncology in Chongqing

Research Background
Professor Zhou Qi is a leading oncologist in Chongqing Chief Expert Office. She has been specialized in medical treatment, teaching and research on gynecologic malignant tumor for more than 30 years, gaining rich clinical experiences and all-round skills. As the lead researcher, she was given the second and third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award at provincial levels for seven times, with over 100 papers published. She is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors, especially specialized in the comprehensive treatment of gynecological malignancies. She has made important achievements in the early diagnosis and warning of oophoroma, intervention of precancerosis of cervical cancer and individualized diagnosis and treatment. She is engaged in early diagnosis & treatment of cancer and design of clinical pathways of tumor development.


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