IGCS has purposefully developed an inclusive membership framework that encourages interaction and growth across diverse social, political, and health care systems. A large part of our membership is comprised of Strategic Alliance Partners - regional and international groups who represent the diversity of clinicians and researchers dedicated to caring for women affected by gynecologic cancers. 

As part of the IGCS alliance, regional organizations have joined forces with other alliance groups and members across the globe, increasing our ability to share resources and find solutions to issues facing gynecologic cancer patients and professionals around the world.
IGCS is grateful for our strong Strategic Alliance Partnerships that bring us one step closer to our goal of achieving global heath equity.

This month's Strategic Alliance Partnership focus is Latin America. The Latin America Strategic Alliance currently has 217 members from the following countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador. El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 

IGCS spoke with Dr. Rene Pareja, a key advocate to this partnership, a few questions to better explain their Strategic Alliance Partnership with IGCS.

How long has Latin America been a Strategic Alliance Partner?
For three years. In June of 2018, IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken first met with leaders within the gynecologic communities of Latin America. They started the conversation of how IGCS could share resources and help find solutions to the issues facing the clinicians caring for gynecologic cancer patients in Latin America. A few months later in the fall of 2018, leaders from 12 countries in Latin America came together for a signing ceremony with IGCS to be members of the Society through the Strategic Alliance Partnership Program. The partnership continues to grow and continues to benefit all IGCS members through collaboration.
How many members take part in the Latin America Strategic Alliance Partnership?
The Latin America Strategic Alliance Partnership is represented by 217 members. 
What is the greatest impact of being an IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner?
The cervical cancer mortality rate is projected to increase by 39% by 2035 unless there is dramatic improvement in screening and vaccination for women in Latin America. By being an IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner, Latin America is gaining more resources, education, and connections to better increase the livelihood of women in Latin America affected by gynecologic cancers. Our partnership is making a difference in the lives of these women.
What is the most considerable benefit to the members by being an IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner?
The education IGCS provides our community is unmatched, the educational opportunities including webinars, festivals and the Annual Global Meeting are all reasons why our partnership continues to benefit our community.