Announcing the Strategic Alliance Partnership Program:
A message from IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken, RN, MS

As I reflect on my first year as CEO of IGCS, one of the most rewarding aspects of the position has been the opportunity to meet and hear from members all over the globe. I am motivated and inspired everyday by the growing commitment the membership of IGCS demonstrates toward caring for women with gynecologic cancers. It inspires me and my team members every day to work even harder on your behalf.

One of the essential successes of a membership organization such as IGCS is to maintain a strong membership base and when opportunity presents itself, grow that base. IGCS has been fortunate over the years to build a very solid international base of members who represent the diversity of clinicians caring for women with gynecologic cancers.  Membership growth is always on the mind of any CEO looking to expand the reach and relevance of the organization. Recently, I led the IGCS Council in strategic discussions about a plan and opportunity to expand our membership in a non-traditional manner, a plan that would assist IGCS in further focusing on our vision, tailor our mission, and incorporate our member driven values into our daily work.

During the discussion, Council came to a conclusion on long-term and short-term goals for membership expansion that will provide us the opportunity to increase engagement of various IGCS stakeholders, including council members, staff, committee volunteers, members, and others important to our organization. Membership expansion will assist and guide the next several years of IGCS growth and development. To that end, IGCS is starting a Strategic Alliance Partner Program within our existing membership structure.

Strategic Alliance Partner Members of IGCS will include organizations and regions from all over the globe whose objectives are consistent and aligned with our own. This program will bring together the leaders and memberships of gynecologic oncology organizations, allowing for closer dialogue, better idea and information sharing, and collaboration with the common goal of finding solutions to the many issues that face us globally.

We have had some initial conversations with existing regional societies and groups and the response has been extremely positive. They are enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer IGCS membership to their current members and further strengthen their position. We believe the tangible benefits of the program will allow IGCS to continue to become the global society originally envisioned.


We will keep you abreast of our progress and I hope you will join me and the leadership in welcoming our strategic alliance partners as they start to become members of the IGCS. Achieving the vision of IGCS requires a strong and engaged membership that is able to meet emerging challenges and achieve the goals of IGCS.

I am confident the Strategic Alliance Partner Program will strengthen our voice and have a positive impact on the outcome and quality of life of women suffering from gynecologic cancers.

Together we are stronger.

Mary Eiken, RN, MS