IGCS Members and Friends, 

The transition into a new year is always a time to rewind and reflect, to recharge and refocus. As I complete my sixth year as IGCS’ CEO, its inspiring that our society’s mission and offerings have drawn over 3500 members to join and thousands upon thousands gynecologic cancer professionals and advocates to engage with our programs. 

The strength of these numbers and level of engagement gives me the courage and confidence to forge ahead and continue to position IGCS as the premier global gynecologic cancer organization. I must think and act boldly on your behalf to achieve our ambitions. One thing I know is that if we are to achieve our mission, we must step outside our comfort zone, go beyond what we normally do and seize opportunity when it presents itself. To put it simply, THINK BIG.  

In this new year, let’s THINK BIG about solutions to the biggest barriers to global gynecologic cancer control and the reasons why so many women and people are suffering needlessly. IGCS has the community, the partners, and the ambition to transform gynecologic cancer care worldwide. As a collective, we have the responsibility to educate and learn, the potential bandwidth to mentor and train specialists where they are most needed, and ideas that inspire research for solutions.  

We’ve built this community together and every one of you is working towards a better future. Please join me, the IGCS leadership, and my team as we THINK BIG in 2023 and beyond. It is because of all of you and what you do for women with gynecologic malignancies that motivates us everyday. 

I wish you the happiest of holidays and good health in the new year.  

Mary Eiken, MS