Please join me in welcoming the Israeli Society of Gynecological Oncology as a new Strategic Alliance Partner Program.

As IGCS continues with the desire to be the global voice of Gynecologic Oncology we are pleased to announce that the Israeli Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ISGO) has joined our Strategic Alliance Partnership Program. ISGO is a multidisciplinary society including gynecological oncologists, medical oncologists and radiotherapists dedicated to the treatment of women with gynecological cancer, which includes 20 affiliated centres.

While in Tokyo at the end of last year, IGCS President Michael Quinn met with Professor Ofer Gemer from Ashkelon, Israel. They discussed the Israeli Society’s desire for continued improvement and knowledge dissemination already evident by their membership with ENGOT and CGIG. Also discussed, ISGO’s pivotal role in advancing the registration of new drugs and therapies for their patients. It will be a great honor for IGCS to assist ISGO with their continued efforts. Professor Ofer Gemer along with Dr Ilan Bruchim are the Co-Chairs of ISGO.

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, Israel, with its population of over 8 million has become a world leader in biotechnology and the development of medical innovation. We are confident that this alliance will bring extraordinary benefits to women with gynecological cancers in Israel.


Mary Eiken, RN, MS