Thai Gynecologic Cancer Society (TGCS) joins the IGCS Strategic Alliance Partnership

As we come to the end of 2017, please join me in welcoming the Thai Gynecologic Cancer Society (TGCS) as a new Strategic Alliance Partner of the IGCS.

The Thai Gynecological Cancer Society was founded with the mission, “To Better the Health of Thai Women with Reproductive Cancer.” Their focus on patient care, education and disseminating information to their members and to the public is perfectly aligned with the IGCS mission.

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country, located at the center of the Indochinese peninsula. Thailand is the world's 50th-largest country. It is the 20th-most-populous country in the world, with about 69 million people. TGCS is in Thailand’s capitol, Bangkok.

Dr. Michael Quinn said that “the leadership and strategic thinking of Professor Sarikapan Wilailak, President of the TGCS, and the other leaders in the Society is truly what made this happen.” He continued that “Thailand has been a long-standing partner and friend to IGCS going as far back as 2008 when IGCS was fortunate to have our biennial meeting in the beautiful city of Bangkok. It is truly an honor and privilege to welcome Thailand, and we look forward to engaging with them to help fulfill their strategic goals in the coming years.”

We are excited about the many opportunities provided with our new partnership with Thailand.

I wish each of you a happy and healthy New Year. We look forward to the opportunities and relationships 2018 will bring as we continue working to unite the globe in the fight against gynecologic cancers.


Mary Eiken, RN, MS