Zambian Training Site Institutionalizes IGCS Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program

We are so pleased to report that the Women and Newborn Hospital School of Medicine and Department of OB/GYN in Lusaka, Zambia has institutionalized the IGCS Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program officially making subspecialty training in gynecologic oncology a part of their 5-year Obstetrics and Gynecologic MMED program.

The first 2-3 years of this Zambian gynecologic oncology program, the trainees will follow the usual OB/GYN curriculum, after which they will proceed to pursue gynecologic oncology training for an additional 2 years. The first trainees will be recruited soon.

Prof. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu, who has been recognized by the Zambian Ministry of Health for displaying distinguished service and commitment to the fight against cancer, spearheaded the campaign to institutionalize this gynecologic oncology MMED program at the Women and Newborn Hospital under the University of Zambia School of Medicine.

Prof. Mwanhamunutu said “There are many people that have assisted in this process, the least of whom is Professor Mike Hicks who was able to transform one person’s single interest and skills to team interest in approaching an explosive problem of early cervical cancer that was being unearthed by an elaborate systematic VIA-based screening program put in place around 2007. Another is Dr. Krista Pfaendler who came to Zambia as a Fogarty Fellow and established Zambia’s LEEP/LLETZ surgical excision service infrastructure.”

Dr. Groesbeck Parham, a mentor and champion engaged in the day-to-day fight against women’s cancers in Zambia notified IGCS that the program was “approved with flying colors.” This is remarkable news and exemplifies the progress and capacity building intended when IGCS deployed the adaptable but universal curriculum for training in low resource settings in 2017.

We applaud all who were involved in achieving this milestone which will have a lasting impact to improve gynecologic oncology services to women in Zambia. We must celebrate every achievement in the global movement to close the care gap and continue to move the goal post forward.

About the IGCS Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program
The IGCS Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program supports collaborations between high- or middle-income country academic gynecologic oncologists and local mentors and trainees to either launch or strengthen formal gynecologic oncology fellowships. Milestones include progression through the curriculum, clinical training with local and international mentors, regular Project ECHO tumor boards, logging of cases and educational activities, and observerships at the international mentor’s institution. Trainees sit for a final examination; those who pass are awarded a certificate of completion from IGCS.

Graduate Announcements

Congratulations to the following fellows who have recently completed training through the IGCS Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program

Dr. Mubiru Musa
Uganda Cancer Institute

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

"Thanks everyone, for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to the mentors, Prof Lee, Prof Ueda, Dr. Jane, Dr. Okoth, Dr. Carol, Dr. Oryem, Dr. Thomas Randall for starting this programme in Uganda. The IGCS team for accepting to take on the programme. My mentors, both local and international. My colleagues especially Shaki. Today's examiners. And great thanks to Susan who has helped coordinate our learning."

Dr. Maryam Shaki
Uganda Cancer Institute

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

“I would like to thank IGCS for coordinating this gyn oncology fellowship. Many thanks to the mentors (both international and local) for their tireless efforts to make it possible for me to successfully complete this program.”

Dr. Faiza Ahmed Nassir
Moi University, Kenya

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

“I want to sincerely thank the International mentors, Prof Coven and Prof Barry, for their tireless commitment and guidance throughout the fellowship. Our local mentors Prof Omenge, Dr. Itsura, Dr. Tonui and Dr. Elly for their exemplary mentorship.”

Dr. Anisa Mburu
Moi University, Kenya

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

"“It takes a village….” That is exactly what the IGCS family has been for me, a cornucopia of knowledge, skills and support from an eclectic group that has completely and utterly been selfless in the dissipation of their services to the study of women’s cancers. It has been an avenue where one’s potential is allowed to grow and flourish without inhibition. I am indebted to my local mentors at Moi University who guided my every step to be the best gynecologic oncologist that I could be and my international mentors who were always available to teach, challenge, discuss cases and even offer insight on life in general and spared no expenses in making sure I had all the tools to think like an oncologist and give the best well-rounded care to all the women who cross my path. Thank you to the IGCS team for making this program a possibility and sustaining it against all odds. I salute you."

Dr. Peter Xian Li
The University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital

Fellowship Training Completed: 2022

"It is my privilege to be able to join the IGCS global curriculum. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my mentors Prof. Hextan Ngan (HK), Dr. Kayu Tse (HK), and Dr. Li Zhang (SZ), for making a great effort to help me with the training. And I would like to thank Dr. Joseph Ng and his team for recruiting us to this fantastic IGCS training and helping us overcome many difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to complete it. My training program was very well-structured, and I had the chance to present interesting cases every month and learn from experts in different countries. It also helped me develop various areas, including knowledge, surgical skills, communication skills, risk management, research, etc. I will continue to enrich my knowledge in gynecologic malignancies and to improve the quality of care of my patients." 

Dr. Mukatimui Munalula
Women and Newborn Hospital, Zambia

Fellowship Training Completed: 2021

“I had a great experience doing the fellowship. Now I look forward to having an even greater experience serving my country.”